Caring For You


Emily is Junior at Horseheads High School. Everything is normal, until she becomes popular. All the boys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. Her girl best friends are Molly Bougerouis, Tatum Benesh, Rachel Brennen, an d Lia Cicconi. Her guy best friends are Cameron Wagner, Stephen Andryshak, Peter Grella, and Michael Burns. Emily's crush is Tyler Rogan. But Sadly he is taken by the evil Kylee Hubbell, Emily's worst enemy. What Will Happen later in the year that will change her life forever? Read To Find Out!


3. Chapter 3

Liams POV>

Niall came down stairs and sat down with us. "So why were you holding Emily while she was in her underwear?" Louis asked. "So I went to her room to check on her and she answered the door crying. she then told me to make myself comfortable and I did. She then went into the bathroom and 20 minutes she still was in their. So I got worried and went to the door and asked if she was okay. But their was no answer and I tried to open the door, I then realized that it was locked. So I kept banging on the door and she still wouldn't open it. I then rammed the door open. She was lying their with blood all over her, crying, but she was also saying "I Deserve This'. I went over to her and asked her what was wrong but then I removed her arm and she had the word fat carved into her stomach and the word ugly carved into her thigh. I started crying and held her  but the blood got on my shirt. I grabbed a cloth and cleaned the cuts. I got up and got her a bra and thong and came back in and started to undress her. She covered her self as soon as she was naked. Even though I told her I didn't care if she was naked. But then I helped her into the sower but watched her since their was a razor in the shower. But all she did was wash herself, her hair, and shave her legs. I then turned off the water and gave her a towel. she dried off and when I was putting her bra on she moaned. It was so sexy and then I put her thing on but wasn't thinking and caressed her bum. I gotta say it's a perfect shape and size. But then I moaned and she grounded her hips into my dick and it felt really really good and I started to get hard. Then she turned around and I picked her up and she Stated Crying into my chest and then I walked out and you guys were their and kept firing questions at her. I got really protective and wanted you guys to leave and I told you to and you did. I then got her a pair of shorts and came down here to get my sweat shirt for her. I ran back up stairs an found her crying into her pillow, then I sang to calm her down. I put the clothes on her and she cuddled into my chest so I got the blankets and pulled them up around her and sang her to sleep." Niall said. It was pretty obvious that he had a crush on her. the whole time he talked about Emily, he smiled. "So she cuts herself?' I ask concerned. "yes most of her scars are faded away on her wrists but the other ones are newer." he answered. "where are her parents?" Harry asked. We all just shrugged. "Okay guys I think we should just stay here for tonight." I say. I look to Zayn, He's been awfully quiet for the night. "I'm gonna go back upstairs and sleep with Emily to make Sure she's Okay" Niall says while getting up and going upstairs. Ugh this is gonna be a long night.


Niall's POV


I Walked back upstairs to Emily and stripped off my shirt and pants. I got in and cuddled her. Emily Turned and went into my chest. "Thank you Niall For caring about me" Emily said. I was shocked she was awake. "It's no problem, love. I'm happy I got in their or you could have died." I said shaking the thought of Emily being dead out of my head. I kissed the top her forehead and stroked her beautiful blonde hair until we both fell asleep.

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