Caring For You


Emily is Junior at Horseheads High School. Everything is normal, until she becomes popular. All the boys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. Her girl best friends are Molly Bougerouis, Tatum Benesh, Rachel Brennen, an d Lia Cicconi. Her guy best friends are Cameron Wagner, Stephen Andryshak, Peter Grella, and Michael Burns. Emily's crush is Tyler Rogan. But Sadly he is taken by the evil Kylee Hubbell, Emily's worst enemy. What Will Happen later in the year that will change her life forever? Read To Find Out!


2. Chapter 2


Some how Kylee got into the party. I was furious now and all she was doing was grinding on Tyler which made me want to go over their and rip her head off. After she saw me staring at them, she got up and came over. "Awh is little Emily mad she doesn't have a boy friend to be with. But we all know why no one wants to be with you." she said. "yeah and why is that?" " because your a cunt, bitch, fa-tass, a SLUT and A. DIRTY. LITTLE. WHORE!!!" she said happily. I looked around and everyone was laughing at me, even who I thought were my friends. I ran to my room, tears filling my eyes. I got into my room and locked my door. And let all my tears fall freely. After what only seemed like 10 minutes, I heard a knock at my door. " Go Away!!!" I screamed.  " Please let me in"  A thick irish voice said. I got up and went to the door and only opened it enough to see Niall. "please go away I don't want to talk to anyone." I said sternly. " I really want to help. The boy's are working on getting everyone out of the house and cleaning up."  " fine, whatever"  I opened the door and he slipped inside closing the door and locking it. I gave him a strange look but just shrugged it off. I still wanted to cry. So I told him to make himself comfy. Then I went into the Bathroom and Took off all my clothing except my Bra And Panties. " I really am fat and ugly." I said to myself. then I went to my scars on my stomach and wrists. Automatically I grabbed my blades and took them to stomach and carved fat into my stomach, then I went to my thigh then carving the word ugly. " Emily are you okay you've been in their for awhile?" Niall asked from outside the door. "I deserve this" I said very quietly through my sobs. I sat down in the corner crying even harder. I then heard the door handle jiggle. " Emily unlock the door please."  He said in a caring voice. A couple minutes later Niall started banging on the door.




    After Emily went into the bathroom I just sat their looking around her room. After 20 minutes I started to worry about her. "Emily are you okay you've been in their for a long time?" I asked I waited a couple minutes and didn't get an answer. I started to jiggle the door handle but then learned that it was locked. "Emily, unlock the door please"  I said. I still didn't get an answer. I started banging on the door. "Emily!!! Please Unlock the damn door." I said very worried.  Still No answer. I started ramming the door with my shoulder. After what felt like forever, the door finally burst open. And what I saw killed me. Emily was sobbing in the corner repeatedly saying 'I deserve this' but  then I realized she had blood dripping from her thigh and stomach. "Emily, Why?!?" I said sounding hoarse. She then looked over at me and started sobbing even harder. I didn't care if she was in just her bra and underwear and had dripping all over her, I just wanted to hold her. I went over to her and removed her arm and saw her scars almost faded away but enough to still see them. I looked at her stomach, she had fat carved into it and her thigh had the word ugly carved into it. Their weren't as many scars on her stomach and thighs. They were newer. "Shhhhh it's okay Emily. I'm not mad but we do need to clean you up." I said as I grabbed a clean cloth dampining it with peroxide. I grabbed Emily and layed her fully flat on the floor. "This is going to sting a little." I said almost crying. I rubbed her stomach softly but still applying pressure. I just couldn't hold it in any longer, I burst out into tears after I'm done cleaning her cuts. "Emily where do you keep your underwear?" I said trying to control my self. "in my top left drawer" she said still in tears. I got up and walked out and first unlocked the door, then got a bright green bra and a thong to match. I walked into the bathroom and turned Emily around and unclasped her bra. It dropped to the floor then I took off her now blood stained underwear. She stepped out of them and tried to cover herself. "Emily it's okay I've seen boobs before." She stayed like that but then gave up and turned around and covered her bum. "Emily, Your beautiful you don't have to hide." I said while turning on the shower. "Do you want me to help you or no?" I aksed she shook her head no. "okay well get in then."  She started to move then froze. "what" I asked. "can you help me in?" she said. "Sure, love." I walked over and she turned around and covered her boobs and vagina. I picked her up and gently set I her down, careful not to let her slip. I then walked away but I could still watch her because I knew their was a razor in there. She slowly washed her body. Emily then took the razor and started to shave her legs. She bent over and her bum was so perfect. She then turned around and washed the shaving crème off and started on her hair. She then finished and yelled for me to help her out. Before I opened the curtain I handed her a towel. I then picked her up and set her down, she leaned against the wall for support. I grabbed her underwear and turned her again.  I put her arms into the straps and pulled it around her body and snapped the clasp. I then reached around and pulled the bra down to cover her boobs. I heard her moan and I felt my self harden. Her bum was rubbing against my penis and I accidently let a moan slip past my lips. she turned carefully and looked at me. "I'm sorry. You're just so beautiful." I said, she looked down sad. "why do you cut yourself?" I asked trying not to cry again. "please not right now." she said barely able to talk. I helped her put her thong on and then picked her up. I was carrying her out to her bed while she started crying into my chest that had blood all over it. I look up and all the boys are sitting their while giving me weird look. "Emily are you okay?, What's wrong, Why are you crying?" they kept firing questions at her. "Stop!!!" I screamed crying. "Go Downstairs I will be Down in a Few minutes." I said trying to contain my sobs. They all left and shut the door. I set Emily down on the bed and walked over to her drawers. I only grabbed her a pair of shorts, but then ran downstairs and grabbed my sweatshirt. I figured it would be big on her. I ran upstairs to find Emily crying really hard into her pillow. "Hey stop that you're better than that." I said grabbing her and holding her in my lap. I started to sing The Only Exception by Paramore to her. She quieted down. I then put my sweatshirt on her and the shorts. I pulled back the blankets and put me and her in them. I cuddled her close to my chest and sang a couple more songs before she stopped crying and fell asleep.

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