Caring For You


Emily is Junior at Horseheads High School. Everything is normal, until she becomes popular. All the boys wanted her and all the girls wanted to be her. Her girl best friends are Molly Bougerouis, Tatum Benesh, Rachel Brennen, an d Lia Cicconi. Her guy best friends are Cameron Wagner, Stephen Andryshak, Peter Grella, and Michael Burns. Emily's crush is Tyler Rogan. But Sadly he is taken by the evil Kylee Hubbell, Emily's worst enemy. What Will Happen later in the year that will change her life forever? Read To Find Out!


1. Chapter 1

Emily's POV


     Its the first day of school and theirs five new kids. And lucky me I get to show them around. They're all quite nerdy. The first one comes up to me, he has a big mop of curls and cutest green eyes behind his big ugly glasses, he is probably the geekist of them all. "Hello I'm Harry" he said. Next thing I know he's kissing my hand. " Eww stop your gross!" I said disgusted. Another one came up. He had his jet black hair in a quiff, he was probably 5 inches taller than me, and he had very dark brown eyes. "I'm sorry about him. He doesn't Know how to control himself sometimes. Hi I'm Zayn." Next a Blonde with ocean blues eyes came over. "Hello I'm Niall, and this is Liam and Louis" Niall said pointing to two other guys. Liam and Louis wave shyly at me with their heads down. "Hi guys I'm Emily and I will be showing you guys Around for the next few days. And since I'm guessing your new to the area here is my number. And I'm sorry Harry for before but theirs one thing you should know I'm huge germaphobe. That's why I said eww." I said apologetically.


       After 10th period, I was walking with the Guys ad learned their really cool and fun. "if you guys want you can come to my pool party tonight. But if you guys go wear something cooler, not the clothes you have on. Oh and don't embarrass me!" "Yes Ma'am" they said in unison. I said my Goodbyes and went home to change and set up.

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