Props & Kellin? (Kellic)

Vic has always had a crush on his best bud, Kellin. Kellin has always had a crush on his best friend, Vic. They both are at Warped Tour 2012. What happens when Kellin shows his feelings towards Vic?


5. Chapter 5

*Mike's POV*

I took a picture of my brothers wrist and left the bus. I need to know what the fuck happened. I need to know if Kellin kissed him as a joke. I'll kill that little prick. I walked up to the one and only Sleeping With Sirens bus and knocked on the door. More like breaking the door. The door opened to reveal a sleepy Gabe.

"Hey Mike. It's early in the morning, is there something you need bud?" He was being really nice, I couldn't be mean to him.

"I really need to speak to Kellin. It's urgent." I said, trying to hold back my anger.

"Come on in, man. I'll get him for you. Oh and help yourself to the fridge." I climbed into the bus, thanking Gabe. A few minutes later, I saw Kellin walk in and sit right next to me on the couch.

"Hey dude, what do you need?"

"Can we talk outside?"

"Sure." We then got up and walked out of the bus then made our way to a close building. "So what do you need, Mike?"

"You think this is a fucking game, Kellin?"

"Wait what." I grabbed the collar of his shirt, lifting him up a bit and slamming him to the side of the building.

"Why'd you do it?! Was it a dare?! Who told you to do it!"

"Calm down, man! What are you talking about!"

"You kissing my brother! He's fucking heartbroken!" I let him go, making him fall to his feet. I pulled out my phone and showed him the picture of my brothers wrist. "This is what he did a couple minutes ago, Kellin! So you better tell me if it was a fucking joke or not!"

"I-I can't tell you..." His voice was a bit shaky.

"Why not?!"

"I just can't.." His voice went quiet.

"Well, until you can tell me about this being a joke or not," I looked him straight in the eye "Don't. Go. Anywhere. Near. Vic." He had fear in his eyes, I can tell. I walked away and started to text Jaime.

M: Don't let Kellin near Vic.

J: What about Jesse, Gabe, and Justin?

M: They're okay.

J: Alright Mike.

M: Thanks Jaime.

I shut my phone and continued walking away from the buses and straight into town. In the distance, I saw a bar and headed towards there. Once I reached the bar, I went inside and sat down. There wasn't a lot of people. There was a couple, a group of 3 guys, two girls and that's it.

"Hello, what you'd you like to drink, hun?" I looked up to see a women, she looked like she was in her late thirty's.

"I'll take whiskey, please."

"Coming right up." Man, why the fuck would Kellin do that? Is he gay? Maybe bisexual. I mean he has a wife for god sake! I heard she might be pregnant too! Maybe Kellin likes Vic...well he's not going near my brother until he tells me a fucking answer.

"Here you, on the house." The lady put the whiskey in front of then smiled.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." She then walked away. I slowly started to drink my whiskey. Once I finished, I left a bit of money for the lady since she was sweet. I just kept walking back to the buses. Looking around, I found my bus and walked inside then immediately went straight into my bunk, falling asleep.

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