Props & Kellin? (Kellic)

Vic has always had a crush on his best bud, Kellin. Kellin has always had a crush on his best friend, Vic. They both are at Warped Tour 2012. What happens when Kellin shows his feelings towards Vic?


1. Chapter 1

"We got center stage!" Jaime yelled from across the bus.

"Fuck yeah!" Mike jumped out of his bunk.

"Finally!" Tony exclaimed.

"Finally man, we've waited so long." I sighed in relief, we finally are going to perform on the stage we want!

"Dude, Kellin is also playing on center stage too!" said Jaime. The name Kellin made my heart race, my palms sweaty, my face flush red, my stomach fill with butterflies.

"K-Kellin..." I covered my face with my hands, trying to hide the red on my face. Fucking shit...just great. Stop being such a bitch blush. Go down. You'll give my cover away. No one in the band really knew I was gay. My own brother didn't even know. I can't blow my cover now. I heard footsteps getting closer and felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Tony, my little turtle. "Sit, Tony!" He giggled a bit then placed his butt on my lap.

"You don't seem too happy Vic." his smile turned into a straight face.

"I am Tone!" I smiled widely. I hope that fools him.

"Vic..." he leaned closer to my ear and whispered, "I know you like Kellin." he then back away and looked at my surprised face.

"Is it that noticeable?"

"Not really, I just know you too well." we both laughed then he got up from my lap and went into his bunk. I also noticed Jaime going into his bunk while saying goodnight to everyone, we all replied goodnight at the same time. I also saw my brother passed out in his bunk. I turned my head to check the time on my laptop. 12:43 PM. I should go to sleep. I have a long day tomorrow. I slowly got up from the booth and walked to my bunk. With a swift jump, I reached my top bunk and closed the curtain. Kellin. That name kept flooding into my mind. Just go to sleep, Vic. You'll be fine tomorrow... I felt my eyes droop down and then I saw darkness.

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