If Only You Knew

Allie has been living with her boyfriend for a year now, and everyday after work he would come home drunk and end up abusing her. One special day, she ran away and never looked back. With bruises and scraps all over, she accepts help from a stranger. With his help, the unbelievable happens, and Allie's whole world turns upside down.


1. Fade Away

The mud soaked up onto my jeans, settling on my skin. My fingers were cold while dirt was collecting under my nails.

Plonk. Plonk. Plonk.

I tossed each vegetable, hoping to pick enough to please Troy.

Troy is my very hot boyfriend. He has red shaggy hair, and sweet brown eyes, or so I thought. We were madly in love with each other. Until five months ago, after work he would go partying. He would always come home drunk, and end up beating me.

We live together since most of my family is gone with my famous brother. In our two-story house, he's manly the only one I have. My co-workers are just acquaintances who don't like me very much. But there's no way to escape his slapping horror.

So I live with it.

I pretend everything is fine, put on my best fake smile, and do everything he says to get less beating as possible. I try to convince myself that I still love him, but it never truly reaches my heart. He always falls for it though.

I lost my train of thought when I overheard the door creak open and slam shut. I picked as many vegetables as I could until I spotted Troy in the corner of my eye.

"Hey honey..." His words were slurred a bit more than usual. Great. "Did you...pick my...vegetables?"

"Yes baby," I pointed to the baskets sitting on the deck. "All fifty that you wanted." I brushed past him, but before I could get any farther, he roughly grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to him.

"U-uh... what do you want, baby?" My breath quickened thinking he was going to hit me.

"I just want a simple kiss...Maybe more?" He winked. His breath reeked of alcohol. I tried as hard as I could to not breath through my nose. He bent down and put sloppy kisses around my neck, creating some hickeys around my neck. Going back to the turtlenecks now.

I giggled just like he wanted me to. I moaned just like he was expecting. But none of it meant anything to me.

He grabbed my shoulder and shook me hard, bringing me back to reality. "Why do you always have that stupid far away loo in your eye?"

I was shocked. "Wh-what are you talking about?"

"Do you not love my kisses anymore?"

"N-no! I love your kisses twice as much now!" I faked a grin that I thought would get me pass this topic.

"You liar! You ugly fat liar!" He slapped me right across my face. The pain lingered as I stood back up to confront him.

"That's not true at all! You know I love you and your kisses." Tears threatened my eyes and I wasn't strong enough to hold them back.

Troy just shook his head and clenched his fist. My eyes widened as I registered the pain of his fist punching my stomach.

I stumbled back in pain, and eventually couldn't hold myself up. I collapsed to the ground and couldn't get enough energy to speak back to him.

His footsteps echoed as he walked by me and into the house, living me out there all by myself.

I looked around and got really dizzy. My head ached and I attempted to get up, but failed. My eyes closed and they wouldn't open back up. Next time I knew it, the blackness enveloped me, and I decided to fade away for a while.


*Hi everybody! Sorry this is so short. This is my first movella, and I'm pretty excited to continue it. Please comment if I should. Likes would be great too(: I'm also enjoying reading all your stories too! They're all so interesting(: I hoping to update every day or every other day. I hope this turns out great.

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