Find your way too love !!

Ann is not like any other girl she is outgoing and not into boys but the boys are in to her .. Bit that all changes when she meets justin bieber ( not famous in here sorry ) he falls for her instantly but dose she fall for her the way he falls for her read to find out ...


4. test

ann pov  \

 we just sat there his arms around me as I cried I was sop scarred. "should I go get A Test ' he asked "yeah ' WITHT THAT HE GOT UP AND LEFT MY TERRIFIED  if  I am  what am I going to do ,

  1 hour later

he came back and gave me the test I went and did my thing . I waited 10 min scarred 'baby let me in there . 'no Justin ''kk come out ' with thazt I walked out and saw it I started crying scared a shit ' what dose it say ' I just handed him the stick ' what I can  not read it ' ;it says I am ' he looked at me with different emotioons  and I just cried harder 'go ahead you can leafve me just and let me figure stuff out ''no baby girl  am not letting you do thid alione in plus im going to be father' 'yoyr happy what are we going to do  tell our parents and when ' ' tomorrow we will tell your and tell my mom in a week cause she is on vaction '' opk im scared n need with that we just got in bed and fell asleep



sorry it was short . please like it .

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