Find your way too love !!

Ann is not like any other girl she is outgoing and not into boys but the boys are in to her .. Bit that all changes when she meets justin bieber ( not famous in here sorry ) he falls for her instantly but dose she fall for her the way he falls for her read to find out ...


5. telling brother

anns pov

its been a week since we found out and wereoffiially going out ummm yeah that's all that's gone on and im scarred to be honest my dad dose not like Justin and were telling hinm and my mom and brother today but gladdley my mom and brother love him. oh yeah hismom knows she was the first one to know since she was closwe to my age when she had Justin . so right know were about to walk in the living room hand in hand 'you rady ' he whispers to me 'nope butwe have too ' 'yup' 'mom dad jake [ my brother] come in here ''coming'they all yelled we all sat down me in between jake and Justin oh yeah I told jake already too'what do u need sweety is evetrything okay'my mom said 'yeha'i said 'what is it then 'mom said 'im so scared my brither looked at me and mouthed you can do it and Justin was siting there holding my hand 'ok mom dad ummmmmmmmmmm I i''go on''well im don't know how to tell you this but ummm im pregnant  '' my mo sat there in shock but my dad was pissed 'this is not oaky ' he stood up 'you got my daughter pregnant do u know what a condom is ''yes sur; Justin sad 'well why did you not use one I want you out of my house now '  'dad ' my brother said stsanding up 'ooh yeah and you ann I xpected better from you than that I want you out with all yours stuff in 30 min ' 'no u will not kick her ou'my mom said'she has our grand kid ''well I don't care'then he slapped my mom 'mom'i yelled'go get packed sis I will take csare of her me sand Justin ran up stairs 'were am I going to stay Justin im scarred ''with me and my mom''ok but u don't think she will mind''no I already texted her and she said yes''kk thanx help me pack please and with that we were packded in 15 min and out the door when we got to his house we un packed and stuff and his mom made appoint ment for us tomorrow .


 comment and likes I wll post more ..........sorry for not updating it I was  busy with school and stuff . please like and btw sorry for the spelling errors .. I will update soon     

what do u think its going to be ?

is her dad going to say sorry or forget bout it ?

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