Find your way too love !!

Ann is not like any other girl she is outgoing and not into boys but the boys are in to her .. Bit that all changes when she meets justin bieber ( not famous in here sorry ) he falls for her instantly but dose she fall for her the way he falls for her read to find out ...


1. Love at first sight

 Ann's POV  

here I am sitting in the middle of the most boring class ever .. I was thinking about the roomies going on in school that we were getting a new student who was kinda youtube famous but I never heard him or anything on YouTube but my friends says he's good ! I'm wonderingly is he going to be cute becouse most boys here are eeeewww but they all like me bit I do not like them becouse they are anying . I was interrupted from my thought by my friend Sara taping my shoulder and giving me a not that mad me lagh and I was. Laughing really loud bur my teacher caught me and  said " Ann  do u have anything to share with the class " no m just as she said that out princabl walked in and a boy who was cute behind him. " class this your new student justin " " oh hey justin I'm your new teacher mrs black and take a seat any wear. " ok he said and. He sat by me becouse I have the seat next to me empty and then he said " hey I'm justin " and winked at me I just giggled " hey I'm Angelina bug I can just call me Ann " nice to meet u he said 





Will she fall for him??

wjat will happen next


5 readers or likes or comment ten I will post more 

hope u liked it I know it was kinda boring but it will get good I promised. 

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