Find your way too love !!

Ann is not like any other girl she is outgoing and not into boys but the boys are in to her .. Bit that all changes when she meets justin bieber ( not famous in here sorry ) he falls for her instantly but dose she fall for her the way he falls for her read to find out ...


2. Dose he like me ????

Anne pov 

1 month has past and me and justin have gotton to now each other really good .. now we were talking about our first date in class " we can go out to sat tonight " he said just as we said that the teacher said " miss Clayton and mr bieber would y'all like to share something with the class" no mam we said " as I was saying we are having a project were. Y'all have to have pat ers  miss Clayton a d mr bieber u to have to work on the sea " a d blah blah ah  after clad was over me and justi were head to my house becouse my mom was not. Home when we got there I open the doer and we got in a d we started it me e an HUD later justin and I kissed soon it turned into a namely secton. 

Eft u ha hung thee I will update when I get more readers by holes u like it and next chapter I promise will get interesting 





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