Find your way too love !!

Ann is not like any other girl she is outgoing and not into boys but the boys are in to her .. Bit that all changes when she meets justin bieber ( not famous in here sorry ) he falls for her instantly but dose she fall for her the way he falls for her read to find out ...


3. Bad girl !!

 Warning sexual contenet read at on pace 


          Once we got to my house we went to my room and I shut the door . We started our hw and we looked each other in the eyes then just leaned in ad I did to stick it together Ann . Soon our lips touched and we started making out then he and I stood. Up and he kept walking backward and soon we were still making out we fell on my bed . He slid his tongue asking for an emtereterence of course I let him in and his hand traveled down to the helm of my short then lifted it up and them without letting me take his if he did it then his hands went to the back of my bra and unclipsed it and moved his mouth down to my boob and sucked on it I moaned in pure pleasure and he then slid my shorts down an his pants off and then he kisses down to my panties and slid them off and started kiss and sucking my clot I moan load and he started eating my. Insides " justin baby in gonna coum" " hold on baby " I could not hold any more I just cumes in side his mouth " hmm you taste so good baby girl" he said I money's again  then he went back to my lips kissing me and then I flipped him over and said " your turn baby " " my pleasure do as you wih " then he mired and so did I i wine tone to his boxers put my hand in side and started to grab Jerry and squeezed Jerry alittle just moaned I decided to tease him a little so got on top of him ( still has boxers own ) and started to grind on him and rising him so I dry fucked him " baby girl stop teasing pleasure me already just  pleasure me " I do as he demanded and pulled of his boxers he was  HUGE  ". Like what you see " " I.  Dot know. " " pleasure my baby please no teasing " kk" I stick him in my mouth he pushes himself further inside my mouth in and out soon he cumes and moans  I swallow all I. Have in mouth  I kissed the tip one time then went up to his mouth and he flipped me and and straddled me to the bed " you ready baby girl he said with a smile "  " yup " " tell me if I  Hurt you baby girl " " k just get inside me. "As you wish " then he just puts himself in me slow at first then faster a tear fell down my face " am I hurting you " he asked worried " no keep going " with that he went faster " scream my name " " justin " I screamed kinda quiet " louder what's my name " justin justin " I screened louder we shook the bed justi I screamed he then reaxched my lips kissing me will inside me it hurt but worth it the he flipped me over so I was on op and was still in me " ride me baby girl" he then put his hands in my hips and I rode him like ther was no tomorrow . Then we flipped he went inside me one last time " jusin I'm gonna cu neither that I did so Eldridge he he fell over me on the other side of the bed and put the covers on us breathing heavily " justin " " hmmm" I just lost my virginity to you " " I did to ban girl you were good by the way " but some reaso I did not belive him I let it go and fell asleep in his arms .   


1 month later 

i woke up and was wrapped I Justin's arms . I got out went to the bathroom and noticed I  have not had my period in a while  I got scared and remembers that night ohhh no what am u going to do I'm 17 .. I ran out of the bathroom crying justin was on his phone and loled p " baby girl  what's wrong " " ummmmm I think I'm " i paused " you think what ?" " umm I'm pregnant I thin my period has not came and its been a month " he just sat there ad thought " but I used a condom " oft up and looked beside my bed and looked I the trash nope I know what you are think he nbwef a to take out the trash I know but know that's my parents job as they don't come in here " nope there's not paper in here " " baby " " yeah justin " your right I did not " 


my first sex scene . 

Whats going to happen? Stay tunned 

oh yeah No comments NO chapter so leave comments if you wasn't to read on 





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