Stuck at Sea

Im Eva, I'm 14, and my Mom just ran away from my Dad and my Dad is abusive so I gonna do what my Mom did. I'm gonna run away. Maybe I'll travel the world, better read if you wanna know...


1. Stuck at Sea

Im Eva, (Eva pronounced like the "ev" in the word ever)  you can call me whatever you want though, it won't matter Im going to die here anyways. I'm drifting around in the ocean holding onto one of those tubes you would use while you were swimming. Why am I floating around with this tube though... ***FLASHBACK***


"Hey little shit! Get over here" My Dad never talked to me this way. But I went to him anyways. When he saw me he picked me up by my hair and threw me against the wall. "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

"What did I do???" I cried out

"YOUR MOTHER LEFT BECAUSE OF YOU. YOURE JUST ANOTHER LITTLE SLUT! SO I WILL DO THE HONORS AND TREAT YOU LIKE ONE!" he was drunk and angry. But he was always drunk, ever since Mom left, but he would never harm me, but he changed. Something inside him twisted and twisted until he snapped. He ran at me and slapped me, before stripping me and himself. He raped me and during that beat me. This has been happening twice a day for a week and a half. When he was done he knocked me out (normally that didn't happen)....

I woke up sore and in lots of pain as memories of what happened came back. Then I saw him passed out on the floor in the kitchen. Now was my chance. I had been planning my escape, but never expected it to be this easy. I already packed so I grabbed my bags and ran. I didn't know where I was going but I knew I had to run, he would wake up soon and be furious if he found me. I had ran for about 2 hours when I saw it. A boat, a cruise ship to be more exact. It was about to leave too. I snuck on it, when the crew was closing the gate I snuck in and hid in one of the bathrooms. I fell asleep there. When I woke up I got changed and went out to explore the ship. I was near the pool when someone bumped into me and I fell into the pool. 

"Oh my god I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" he said as he helped me out of the pool.

"Its fine."

"I feel terrible, I'm Chance"

"Seriously its fine, I'm Eva" I replied

"Well its not fine, and not to be nosy or anything why are you lugging around your bags still, why not put them in your room."

"Uh, I don't have a room." I mumbled before trying to walk away, but he grabbed my wrist.

"Let go of me!" I screamed in pain because of the bruises from my Dad and cuts I had left there.

"Sorry" he said as he released my wrist. "You can stay with me, its the least I can do"

Uh, alright  I guess, thanks."

(skipping ahead... Chance and Eva are now boyfriend and girlfriend fyi, and Krystal is now 18)

"Babe wanna go another cruise, like the one we met on." Chance asked

"I'd love too"

(skip to cruise)

Its really bad weather and I decided to go to the pool but Chance didn't want to go because he was feeling seasick. I was swimming with my tube when I heard it, a siren, and on the speaker it said to get your lifejackets and get to a lifeboat because the ship was sinking. I didn't have one with me though so I took my tube and ran towards the lifeboats to see them all drifting away. The ship was sinking fast and the water had rises to where I was standing so I did the only thing I could think of, I jumped in the water. There I was, floating in a little tube, watching my cruise ship sink, the lifeboats float away, and my old life sank with the ship. I had no idea if Chance was floating away on a lifeboat or sinking with the ship, he could even be floating around in his lifejacket, but I knew where he wasn't, he wasn't with me, he wasn't holding me tight, and he wasn't telling me it was going to be okay, or even showing me he was alive. 


I had been floating in the middle of the ocean for 3 weeks and 4 days, and then I saw a boat, it was a speedboat with people tubing on it, the sped right by me and I thought they were going to leave me there forever. Boy was I wrong, suddenly the boat came back. 

"What are you doing out here swimming?!" Someone from the boat yelled. I was tired, sunburnt and had been stung by numerous jelly fish, all I could do was look up. When they saw my face one of the cursed "Shit" then they helped me on the boat. There was 5 boys on the boat. They bright me to shore and to the nearest hospital.

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