The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


7. Chapter 6

He closed the door behind us, being careful not to pull away.
His strong arms carried me towards my bed, and let me go once he hit the side of it.
His lips were still on mine, not rough but not gentle either. He made sure I couldn’t pull away by pulling me in closer. 
My hands were tangled in his hair, loving every second of it. I felt a rush in my body that gave me goose bumps.
He quickly pulled his shirt off and pulled me in again. I could feel the warmth of his bare chest through my shirt. I ran my left hand up and down his chest, making myself familiar with his body.
He put his right hand in my shirt, on my lower back and traced up my spine. I let out a little moan, I loved the feel of it.
He put his hands on the hem of my shirt and started pulling upward. And than the beeping started.
6:30 am, time for school.
My body ached and shouted for the feeling of Harry’s body next to mine. My forhead was covered in sweat from the dream.
I wish that had happened. In reality, Harry had only left a slight kiss on my lips after I tried proving him wrong.
The boy made me wild. I had never felt like this towards anyone, never wanted to be touched so badly by someone.
I got up and showered. I just kept thinking about yesterday’s kiss and MY dream…
Keep it together Katie, you have a very important job today. 

"Have you seen Zac?"
"No, but Jesus what happened ?!"
Jake looked shocked at how my eye was. I had forgotten that it was still black.
"Nothing, but please if you see him tell him to look for me okay?"
I walled away, searching the halls. I turned a corner without thinking and smacked into someone.
"Watch it!"
"Well good morning to you too sunshine."
I blew out a puff of air.
"Sorry Haz. Just a little nervous."
He gave me a knowing look.
"You were going to do it huh? You were about to go break up with Zac! What changed your mind?"
As if he didn’t know! I spoke quckly.
"The what?" He touched his ear as if he hadn’t heard me, but he had an amused face.
I smacked his arm gently.
"You know what I said."
"Ha. Well Love, I just came by to say goodbye."
"GOODBYE?!?! Why are you leaving?!"
He saw that I was worried.
"No no, not forever ! I’m going to London for the week. Family stuff."
I didn’t want him to leave. I liked his company.
He stepped closer and held my chin between his thumb and index finger.
"Don’t worry, I’ll call you every night."
He smiled and left.
I loved that boy.
Wait what ? No no no. I couldn’t love him. I’ve only known him for like…a month!
But I did have strong feelings for him, no denying it.
I walked down the hall to continue looking for Zac. 

I had spent the day looking for Zac EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t find him. It was like fate didn’t want us to brake up quite yet.
When I got home, I put all my stuff in my room and decided to go for a walk at the park.
I had been walking for a while when someone bumped into me.
She had gorgeous green eyes and she looked very young.
"Sorry." She mumbled and walked away quickly.
She was holding a phone in her trembling hands. I felt worried, but decided not to bother her since she looked like she was in a hurry.
I walked back home considering it was getting late and Dad was almost home.
I made sure to pass on the bridge. When I got to the spot where Harry’s blood had been, I was really surprised.
There was nothing there. 

Still no sign of Zac. I had called his phone several times and went to his house once. 
Apparently, his parents had left for vacation last week, but came back last night. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been at a friends house all week and ditched school.
Angela came running down the hall, her face pale. She grabbed my arm without stopping and made me run with her.
"What happened, what’s wrong Angela?!"
She didn’t say anything, but kept pulling me towards the parking lot. Once we were outside, I saw it.
There was a ton of ambulance and police outside of Zac’s house. Zac’s mom was yelling and crying, while her husband held her back.
2 paramedics came out wheeling a medical bed. There was a body on it. They quickly boarded the ambulance and drove away, Zac’s parent’s car not far behind.
Without thinking, I started jogging towards the hospital. I knew exactly what hospital they were going to and I knew a short cut.
When I got to the hospital, I ran up to the nurse at the desk and ask for information between breaths.
"Down the hall room 237."
I ran towards his room, my heart racing, not from the running, but from what I was expecting to see.
There was a big window infront of his room and I could see what was happening. His Mom and Dad in the same position as they were in out side their house, except a nurse was trying to get them out.
There was a doctor leaning over Zac, using a defibrillator to try and shock him back.
The monitor couldn’t detect a pulse anymore.
The doctor called time of death and stepped out.
Zac’s Mom was released and she rushed over to him, tears streaming down her cheeks.
I was still in shock, that I didn’t realize the tears falling from my eyes.
Zac’s Dad looked over and saw me. He remembered who I was since Zac had introduced me before. He motioned me in, pain in his eyes.
I walked in, holding onto the wall, affraid to fall if I let go.
”..Hi…” Was all I could bring myself to say. 
I walked towards Zac, on the other side of his Mom.
"He….We….found him hung in his room."
He did what?! But why ?!
His Mom let out a cry of agony.
"If only we had payed more attention to him! If only…"
Her husband hugged her tight. A nurse came in, pulled the covers over Zac’s emotionless face, and wheeled him out.
I was left standing in the room on my own until I found myself walking towards the school.
Why would he do this to himself? His life was great! He was rich, an AMAZING football player, there was nothing wrong.
Except us.
I couldn’t help but blame myself.for everything. If I had just let go of temptations and remained by his side, he wouldn’t have done this to himself. He would still be alive.
I walked into the lunch room and found an empty chair. I sat there, not crying, nothing. Just sat there.
The whole group came to sit next to me and talk to me, but I couldn’t hear them.
Angela at some point helped me up and drove me home.
She left me sitting on the couch, gave me a hug, and left. I sat there for hours until Dad got home.
"I heard what happened," he came up to me and hugged me, "I’m sorry sweetie, I can imagine what you’re going through."
He kissed my forehead and helped me to my room. This was the most contact I’ve had with my father since….
"You can stay home for as long as you want."
He was about to walk out of there door when he turned around and said;
"I believe in you, your a strong girl. I love you."
He walked out before I whispered, “Love you too Daddy.”


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