The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


23. Chapter 22

-Next Morning-

"I’m going to be out today. Lot of work. I might be back by dinner."

"Okay, have a good day."

The door closed. His car started and left.

I decided to tidy up Harry’s room a bit.

I chose some of Harry’s records and played them while I cleaned.

When I finished, I started unpacking the rest of my stuff.

The first box I opened had a bunch of my old stuff. Old memories that I liked keeping.

I looked through all the pictures and notes, everything.

I reached towards the bottom of the box and my hand closed around something round.

The glass ball my Mom had got me.

She got it for me on our trip to Paris. It was beautiful.

It had the Eiffel Tower inside and when you shook it, it looked like it was snowing.

It was absolutely beautiful.

I slowly put it back on the bed, but it fell off and went towards the wall with Harry’s posters.

I went to pick it up and than something caught my eye.

It was a door knob.

I tryed turning it, but it was locked.

The key hole was the same as the one on the glass case. I quickly went back to get the key.

I was debating on whether or not to go in. How bad could it be? For all I know, it could be a door that leads to the wall, maybe it doesn’t even open!

The door unlocked and I slowly opened it.


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