The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


20. Chapter 19

-4 months later-
My belly had started to show. I’m almost 6 months pregnant and haven’t told my Dad.
I think he suspects it considering I practically have moved in with Harry.
His mom get her own place after we told her that I was pregnant. She didn’t look to happy about us being parents, but she didn’t suggest me losing the baby either.
Honestly, I really wanted to have a baby. Today, We would be able to know if we were going to have a little Darcy or a Harold Jr.
I insisted on us naming the baby, if he was a boy, Harry because I really liked the name. Harry didn’t argue.
Speaking of Harry, he said he had work today so I was at home by myself again. I usually was.
He’d been really distant lately. Leaving me alone a lot, not eating dinner with me, sometimes he would leave and not come back until the next day.
It really sucked, I was in my most needy times where I really wanted him with me. And he wasn’t there. I basically had no one.
My Dad worked too much, School was out so everyone was on vacation, and Angela. She moved out of LA.
But not before she reminded me of what she had said at the memorial service.
I still felt like it was all a lie. Like she just wanted me to break. But on the inside, I couldn’t help but feel a bit scared of Harry. Just like when I had met him.
I never got the guts to reopen Harry’s case. The bag was still there, just where I had left it. Somehow, I would always grab they key and put it in the hole, but never actually opened it.
I gave it another try again today and did the same thing as always. It was hopeless, I was never going to have the guts to do it.
Harry came back early today, since he had to drive me to the hospital.
"You ready babe ?"
"Guess so. Are you ready?"
"You sure? You seem kind of nervous."
He was bouncing on the balls of his feet. I was just grabbing my stuff so that we could leave.
"I surprisingly am. Excited though." He said, as we walked out of the house, hand in hand.
He opened the car door for me and helped me in.
We drove to the hospital in silence.
Once he parked infront of the hospital, he blew out a puff of air.
"This is it."
He got out to help me out.
I have to say, I was nervous too. I hadn’t really concentrated on it until now. We were finally going to know.
We checked in and waited until we got called.
"Katie Payne."
We got up and followed the nurse. She led us into a white room with a bed and a bunch of machines.
"The doctor will be in with you momentarily."
I latest down on the bed and Harry scooted a chair next to me, not letting go of my hand.
Like usual, the doctor was taking forever. Harry was starting to get inpatient and he was shaking his leg.
"Mrs. Payne, Mr.Styles? Sorry I’m late, had a little trouble. I’m Doctor Lopez "
A tall women walked in and shook our hands. She got out all of her gear and than returned to us.
"Okay, so I’m going to rub this on your tummy and than use the machine to see you’re baby!"
She smiled at us.
The stuff she rubbed on my stomach was warm, so when she put the little scanner thing on my stomache, I shivered of how cold it was.
I closed my eyes, not ready to see.
"Hmm…let’s see here."
I felt her move the scanner around my belly.
I peaked at Harry. He was wide eyed and staring at the monitor closely.
"WOW! I have very good news !"
I finally opened my eyes and looked.
"You are going to have……."


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