The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


18. Chapter 17

The pictures flashed and than the tv turned off.
I still hadn’t moved from my spot.
I felt Harry at my side talking to me, but I couldn’t hear him.
Why the hell was this happening ? Our town had always been peaceful.
And now? Zac and Lydia had been killed. Now Jake and Luke.
When did everything change? When?
….Ever since Harry moved in………. 

"We are gathered here today to honor 4 wonderful human beings. Zac Gonzalez, Lydia Martin, Jake Marcus, and Luke Conard."
I sat emotionless with Harry’s arm around my shoulder.
"Their lives were cruely taken away. But we must not hold a grudge on them. No,l the lord will find a way to punish the man or women who committed these unjust actions."
Harry was on his phone, clearly not amused by anything they were saying.
He wasn’t very happy about me dragging him to their memorial service. But I needed him there for support. Even though I was their to support Angela.
Poor Angela, she was so in love with Luke. They had been inseparable since I met them. Going every where together and acting like the perfect couple.
I couldn’t imagine what she was going through. If I ever lost Harry….. I wouldn’t be able to live without him.
After the speeches were over, I walked to Angela, Harry still at my side. She was crying over his coffin, clearly hurt.
"Ange, don’t cry baby. You’ll get through it. He would want you to."
I was taken aback by her attitude towards me. Why would she be like this towards me ? We were still best friends.
"Ange, I know you’re sad but don’t take this out on me!"
"Just leave. Leave and take your boyfriend with you. It’s all his fault. He did it , I saw it !!"
Okay, that was it. She could yell at me all she wants, but blame it on Harry. That was too far.
"Look , you may be hurt, but just because you lost your boyfriend and I’m happy doesn’t mean you have to blame it on us."
"You’re just too stupid to see it. Look at him Katie! Really look at him. And think about it. Why did this all start when he moved here ? Ask yourself that."
I couldn’t answer back. She had a point, but I still couldn’t believe that Harry had done it. He couldn’t have.
"No…he di-"
"Let’s go. She’s just hurt."
Harry took my arm and pulled me away. He was driving me home and said he couldn’t stay, but that he would drop by later.
"Can I just sleep over at your house? My Dad gets home late again."
"But I’m not going to be there ?"
"It’s okay. I’ll just sleep or watch tv."
I wouldn’t let him drive me home. I had to clear my doubts.
I had to find out the truth

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