The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


15. Chapter 14

"I think we should do this one. Takes less time since we both know a lot about it."
Jake and I were deciding on what to do for our project.
Harry hadn’t called or texted me yet. I hadn’t texted him yet either because I was still angry at him..
"Yea, let’s do it than." 

Jake came over everyday. We were almost done with the project.
Harry hadn’t talked to me all week and I wast starting to get bumbed out. But he wouldn’t answer any of my apology texts.
Jake and I had finished our project early and were watching tv on the couch. I felt close to him in a way now. Almost like a brother.
I mean I had known him since like 2nd grade and we’d stayed close even though we didn’t get along much.
And now, he seemed to be much nicer and a better friend. He even gave me advice on how to apologize to Harry.
"Well, I’ll get going." He got up from the couch.
"Bye Jake, swing by whenever you want."
I got up to walk him outside. He opened the door and halfway down the steps came back up.
"I know I probably shouldn’t say this since you have a boyfriend….." He stepped closer to me, making me a bit uncomfortable.
"But I like you."
Before I could even react to what he had said, he kissed me. I tryed pulling away, but he wouldn’t let go. He forced his.tongue inside my mouth and than instantly backed away.
When I looked, Harry had punched him in the jaw. Guess Jake hadn’t pulled away, Harry had.
Jake was about to swing back, but I stepped in between.
"STOP! "
I held up my hands and than turned to Harry. I put my hands on his chest and.stared him in the eye.
"Stop." Harry didn’t look away.
"Jake, I think you should go."
I heard him walk away and just before he got in his car he yelled back, “She’s a good kisser Harry!”
Harry growled and was about to walk to him, but I stopped him again.
"Harry stop! Go inside."
He looked at Jake, than at me and walked inside. I walked behind him and closed the door.
"What the hell were you doing kissing HIM?! Just because we don’t talk for a week doesn’t mean that you have to go make out with another guy!"
"Harry, first of all don’t you dare say WE. YOU were the one who stopped talking to ME for a whole week!"
I crossed my arms.
"And second of all. HE kissed ME. I would never cheat on you. Never."
Harry seemed to relax a little.
"Okay I trust you. And I’m sorry for not talking to you for a whole week."
"What I still don’t understand is why??"
"For going to lunch with that douchebag!"
"Okay, first of all, yea I’m sorry for that too. But that wouldn’t have happened it you would’ve just talked to me in the first place!"
"Look, after dinner that day, I thought that you might have changed your mind about dating me. You didn’t even let me kiss you or come inside."
He looked hurt.
"I was just avoiding you. I didn’t want us to break up."
"And why IN HELL, would you think that I was going to break up with you?"
"Someone told me you were."
He looked at the ground. I went to hug him, he looked like a little boy who’s toy had just been stolen.
"Who ever that someone is was wrong. I do not want to break up with you Haz, I love you, for Pete’s sake."
He hugged me back, resting his head on mine.
"I love you too." 

"Ugh, I have to present with him."
"Just ask to get excused."
"Yea, like they would let me do that."
"Or….we could skip school today…."
"Are you asking ME to skip school?!?!"
"Yea, don’t seem so surprised. You know that I out of all people would ask you that."
"Oh yea, I forgot I was dating a badass."
He chuckled at my joke.
"I’m serious though. One day won’t hurt.Pleeeeassse!!"
He puppy eyed me. Something I had NEVER seen him do. I couldn’t resist, he looked a-freaking-dorrible.
"Ugh fine! But if we get caught, you explain to my Dad what happened."
"Yes ma’am!"
He dragged me into his car and drove off. 
"Isn’t your mom home though?"
I wasn’t scared of her catching us not I. school, I was more afraid that she would catch me with her son again.
"Nah, she’s at work."
We drove up to a small yet pretty house. There was a beautiful garden growing outside.
He unlocked the door of his house, and a strong, yet good scent, hit me. Vanilla probably.
The furniture was beautiful. Everything seemed brand new and really organized. One thing that I really liked, was the British flag that they had hanging in the living room.
"I love your house!"
He put an arm around my shoulders and took me to his room.
Everything was neat in his room as well.
He had a wall full of a record collection. His window had a beautiful view of the park. He had a book shelf full of different cool looking things. I was so tempted to go over and touch them, but I didn’t know if he would get angry.His closet doors had big mirrors covering them. Around the room, he had different posters, not so much that they covered the walls and you couldn’t see the color, but just enough to fill up one corner. His wall color, navy blue, gave the room a dark look, but it fit his personality.
"You like collecting stuff huh?
"Just things that I like."
I went over to look at his record collection. It was mostly pop music and some other British artists.
Harry was watching me admire his collection.
I turned to look at him, not sure what to say. I lifted my arms and than put then back down.
"I’m amazed."
He smiled at the ground and than patted his legs. Suggesting that I go and sit in his lap.
"Amazed by what?" He said, once I was sitting in his lap.
"Everything about you. Like…you just….you always keep me on my toes."
"Well I’m glad I do." 
I still don’t understand why she loves me so much. I’m not right for her. She needs someone better.
I’ve tryed getting her to let me go, but she keeps coming back.
And I can’t seem to let her go.
I was planning on having her break up with me, I even had my Mom scare her off. Anything that would make her break up with me because I couldn’t do it.
I wouldn’t be able to hurt her. I love her.
In a way, keeping her close kept her out of trouble.
Kept her away from finding out the truth. 

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