The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


12. Chapter 11

I put my finger through his belt loop and pulled him towards my room.
When we were walking up the stairs, my nervous came back. I was really nervous about doing it with Harry. But I wouldn’t want to ever do it with anyone else.
I was completely in love with Harry.
He closed the door behind him and walked towards me.
He pushed his lips on mine, reaching down to touch the hem of my shirt. He pulled his lips away and kissed my neck.
I reached down and pulled his shirt off, I needed to feel his perfect body.
I ran my cold hands up and down his warm chest and I felt him shiver, just like I did right when he pulled my shirt off.
He ran his hands towards my bellybutton and rested them on the top of my pants. He smoothed his finger left to right, by the button of my pants.I let out a little moan.
He slowly pulled my shorts down, and once they were on the ground, he rested his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him, deepening our kiss.
He ran his hands up my back again and went to work on the latch of my bra. He seemed to struggle a bit, so I pulled his hands away and pulled back.
"Let me make you feel good this time, Styles."
I pushed him on the bed and took my bra and underwear off.
Harry raised an eyebrow at me giving me an amused face.
"What?" I said, putting my hands on my hips.
"Nothing, its just….you really are beautiful."
I felt my self blush, but went back to what I was doing, Harry not taking his eyes off of me.
I kissed down his chest, sucking in his skin sometimes so that he would moan.
I reached the top of his pants and looked up at him. I caught his stare and didn’t break it as I unbuttoned his pants. I got them down past his hips and went back up to his belly button while he kicked them off.
I slowly went down to the hem of his boxers, when he stopped me.
"Baby, don’t do anything you don’t want to."
My hormones were at a high. I wasn’t about to stop.
"I want to, trust me."
Instead of using my hands to slide his boxers off, I took the hem of it between my teeth. Right when my lips touched his v line, he let out a loud moan that made me smile. He was liking it.
I started to pull his boxers down, not using my hands. Once they hit the floor, I looked back up.
Harry pulled my face up to his. He saw that I was a little lost on what to do next, so he guided my hand down his chest.
When I reached his belly botton, he let go of my hand. I kept lowering my hand and felt the heat of his dick on my palm.
I slowly closed my hand around it. I moved my hand upward and downward, making Harry moan a lot more.
I got up and moved my head downward , kissing ever inch of his body again.
I got on my knees and kissed the head of it, still moving my hand up and down. I was about to put it in my mouth when he stopped me.
"No baby not that."
I didn’t listen to him and decided to just go for it.
I enclosed my mouth around the head of it , sliding my tongue around it. I stuck a bit more of it in my mouth until I almost felt like I was going to gag. I moved my head forward and backward, loving the noises Harry was making.
I still hadn’t moved my hand away. I decided to move my hand and my head faster. After a couple of seconds of this, Harry arched his back, moved my face away and spoke up.
"I-I…I’m going to…"
I moved my hand faster.
Harry arched his back again and I moved my hand. He finally cummed and looked back at me, sweat covering his forehead.
I put my lips on his. He licked my upper lip, wanting me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue in. He touched the roof of my mouth, the inside of my cheeks and than played with my tongue until I ran out of breath.
He got up and made me get on all fours.
"Your turn." He said, a grin on his face.
This is it I thought. I was going to Have Harry inside me.
He stood behind me and grabbed my hips.
Before I knew it, he thrusted in. I let out a little gasp. It hurt a bit, since it was my first time and Harry had a pretty big dick.
He thrusted out slowly and I let out a loud moan, loving how it felt.
After a while of thrusting in and out slowly, he picked up the pace and than his hips hit my bottom.
Everytime his hips hit against me, I would let out a moan, I couldn’t help it.
And than I couldn’t take it anymore, I arched my back, about ready to cum.
"Do it baby."
He thrusted faster and I let it out. I cummed all over him. He pulled out and layed down next to me In exhaustion.
He turned to look at me and smiled.
I got under the covers, with Harry spooned up behind me. He slung his left arm over me and whispered in my ear.
"I love you, Katie."
"I love you too Harry."
I said before falling asleep in his arms. 

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