The new guy

"Oh that guy? He’s new. He hasn’t talked to anyone since he got here. Guess he’s shy. Oh shit he’s looking turn around." "You know what I heard? That he’s crazy. People say he talks to himself." "Maybe he’s not that bad you guys. I’m going to go talk to him." … "Hi, I’m Katie." He gave me a smile that sent shivers through my body. "Hi, I’m Harry"


2. Chapter 1

"I hate how she thinks she can do that."
"What’s so bad about Katie hanging out with the nerds, Lydia?"
"Exactly that Angela. She can’t be popular and hang out with just anyone! Don’t you agree Jake?"
"Totally Babe."
"I personally don’t mind, as long as she doesn’t invite them to our parties!"
'Luke, you know she never would.”
'Stop defending her Angela!”
"Well shes my best friend Lydia!! She always has been!"
"Has been what?"
Everyone looked tensed. Maybe it was the wrong time to come back.
"Oh nothing." Of course no one would tell me.
"Did you get rid of the nerds?"
"Lydia, they’re not that bad! They’re really nice and smart!"
"Exactly why I pay them to do my work!" I shot a look at Jake, I hated when they took advantage of people.
I still don’t get why I’m around them all the time. They treat people like shit just because we have a bit more money than others.
I always thought society was fucked up. Not liking people a little over weight, or ‘too ugly’, or too smart. Having people more popular than others just because of their appearance. Its stupid!
But who am I to judge? I’m still friends with the ‘popular kids’.
"Hmm , what I’m sorry?"
"Typical Katie, always spacing out. We were saying that we should go on a triple date."
"Lydia, you know that Zac never has time."
Zac. My 5 month football playing boyfriend. Typical for a popular girl to date a football player. Just look at Lydia and Angela. Luke is pretty good, co captain actually. But compared to Jake, hes nothing. Jake is captain and has been MVP since he started. Zac is the third wheel to them. Guess that’s why we’re together.
"He’ll make time. The boys will convince him."
"WHAT ?! Why us? The guy is hard headed!" Luke whined.
"Its okay. I’ll tell him Lydia. Maybe he’ll listen."
Maybe, it was always a maybe with him. He WAS hard headed and liked to be in control. Especially in our relationship. Honestly, I was scared of him sometimes. He yells at me a lot and doesn’t like me talking to boys much. And he barely spends time with me. Hes always in the gym working out or at practice, or just simply ‘too busy’.
"Hes on the field if you want to talk to him."
Of course he was.
"Okay thanks."
I got up and headed for the field. I could already feel Lydia’s stare burning a hole in my skin. She judged me from head to toe. Everything about me was wrong to her. But she dealt with me. She had to. She had to be nice to any of the football player’s girlfriends. If she didn’t, who else would talk to her?
Once I was close enough, I could hear Zac running across the field like always.
I don’t even know what happened to us. Before we were dating he was lovable and caring towards me. He never treated me badly. When he asked me out, I felt like the happiest girl ever! I did for a month. Afterwards it was just hell. He stopped seeing me as much, he started getting aggressive, always wanting me to go further with him when we would make-out. I never have. I never will. One of the reasons why he dislikes me.
I never let go because I want the old him back. The caring and lovable one. I want a guy like that. A guy who will love me for me, not for what I look like. A guy who will never treat me wrong. The perfect guy.
"Busy." Always.
"Well it’ll be quick. Lydia wants us to have a triple date with her and Angela. Can we go?"
He stopped and took his helmet off.
He might be rude and all but he was stil very attractive to me.
He leaned in to kiss me. His kisses were always forced, hard, and with no emotion. Not enjoyable anymore.
"Of course babe. Where to?"
"Movies on Saturday."
With that he put his helmet back on and went back to practicing. Like nothing had just happened. Like I was nothing.


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