(On Hold) My Brother And I

Felicity and her brother Nick, have always shared a special bond. They have always been there for eachother. Their's mum and dad got a devorce two years ago and they now live with their mum and her new husband George.
Felicity is known for being the shy and cute one in school, she is really bad for sticking up for herself.
Nick is every girls dream but he doesn't let anyone in except his sister. Felicity is the only one he trust.
What will happen when their dad doesn't want anything to do with them and George trying to take over his place and thinks his doing what's the best for them, seperate Felicity and Nick.
Read and find out!


3. Chapter 3

We sat in the livingroom and watched another episode of American Idol. 

"Felicity I got a call today at work", mum said. "It was from Thalia, she said that you never came to her today and helpt her with the homework". 

Oh crap, I had totally forgot about Thalia. I was so worried about the hole dad thing. "Why did she call you about that?", I asked while I was looking at a guy singing on the show. Mum turned the tv off and looked at me and Nick. "What happened at school today?, cause I also got a call from you're teacher Nick". I saw in Nick's face that he was worried that mum had figured out that he skipped one lesson and went home instead. "Okay okay dad called", he started. "So what you just went home?!, Nick what was you thinking!?". Mum almost screamed at him. "He wanted me too!", he screamed back. "What!?".

"Mum it was about the wedding, you know the invetation you never gave us", I interuppted. 

"Dad wanted to make sure that we got it, cause no one had called him and confirmed it", Nick looked down on the floor. I had never seen him do that, not at home anyway. But mum could be pretty scary when she got mad. 

"So you thought that you could skip class?", "How could you Nick!?, you know how importent school is". George came to the room and looked at us. "Stop screaming please, I was on the phone with my boss". "Nick skipped class because of his father", mum said and looked dissapointed at him. George took a deep breath, "My boss is waiting on the phone, you deal with this". 

So typical George to leave when we are arguing with mum. He is so not a real man, more like a scared little boy. 

"Nick go up to you'r room and please stay there for the rest of the night". Nick leaved the room and went upstairs. "Mum it was one lesson", I said. "It should have been zero lessons Felicity, Now call Thalia I promest her that you would call". 

Mum went to the washing room, to take care of our dirty clothes. I so didn't want to call Thalia, what would I tell her?. Sorry I didn't come today or called I had to check on my brother. 

I picked up my phone from the table and walked upstairs. My phone was on "flight mode", I always turn that on when I don't want anything to do with anyone. Tahlia didn't answer when I called, her phone was off?. She never turn her phone off. She must be really mad at me.

I throw the phone on my bed and went to Nicks room. "Nick?", I carefully opened the door. 

"What is it?", Nick asked. He sat on his bed with his math book. "I think Thalia is really mad at me"

"Please don't talk to me about girly stuff". Nick picked up the penn and wrothe down some numbers in the book. 

"What?", Nick had never said that to me before. I could always come to him with anything, he didn't care if it was about girl stuff. "Are you still mad because mum find out?, it was basically dads foult". 

"Can you please stop blaming dad for this?, it was my choice to leave now his. You can go now". 

I was so confused was my brother brain washed?, it's me his talking to. Not George or anyone else, me his sister,best friend. I went back to my room, it was pretty late so I could at least go to sleep. I didn't have any homework, my closest friend was mad at me and my brother didn't wanted to talk to me. This was so not a great day. 

I put my sleep shirt on and my shorts, and laid down on the bed. It didn't take too long before I fell asleep. 


Sorry for the short chapter you guys!

Xoxo Brave J :)

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