(On Hold) My Brother And I

Felicity and her brother Nick, have always shared a special bond. They have always been there for eachother. Their's mum and dad got a devorce two years ago and they now live with their mum and her new husband George.
Felicity is known for being the shy and cute one in school, she is really bad for sticking up for herself.
Nick is every girls dream but he doesn't let anyone in except his sister. Felicity is the only one he trust.
What will happen when their dad doesn't want anything to do with them and George trying to take over his place and thinks his doing what's the best for them, seperate Felicity and Nick.
Read and find out!


2. Chapter 2

My first lesson was over, thank god. I hate math, never been good at it and it's so boring. 

I walked down the hallway to my locker. "Hi Felicity". 

Robin stood beside me and gave me a flirty gaze, he was a new member of the football team. 

"h-hi Robin", I put my books in my locker and shut it. 

"So I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me friday night?". 

I couldn't believe it, why did he ask me?. I just staired at him like he was out of his mind. 

"Oh thats right, Felicity Shy", he rolled his eyes. "I-It's Felicity James", I mumbled. 

"Yeah I know I'm just teasing with you", he laid his arm around me. I already felt uncomfortable. 

I like guys but I don't like when they think they own me or that they treat me like every other girl in school, cause I'm not. Besides I can barely speak with guys, only Nick and Felix. And old men like George or my dad. But they understands me on another level. I have had one boyfriend but he broke my heart and well Nick broke his nose. 

"So what are you saying, movie friday night you and me?".

"Eh..", I had no idea what to say. 

"I don't think she feel like it Robin".

I heard It was Nick's voice. I took a deep breath cause I knew that Nick would fix this. 

"Hey Nickster, I was just asking"

"I know what you were asking Rob", he interruppted. 

Robin pushed me so I landed in Nicks arms, I always felt safe there. Like when we were kids, I was bullied in second grade and Nick always came and protected me. After he would hug me for minutes, it became a safe place for me. 

"Are you okey Felicity?", Nick asked and looked me in the eyes. 

"Yeah I'm fine". 

I took a deep breath and Nick followed me to my next lesson. 

"I'm thinking of going home now", he looked down. 

"What why?, mum will kill you!". 

"I know but dad called and he wanted me to". 

"To do what Nick?!, he left us!". I got more and more angry.

"You know what, forget it. I see you at home". 

I watched Nick disappear among all the people in the hallway. All I could think of was dad and what he might had said to Nick. I wonder what he said to him. English was my best subject but I didn't pay attention at all, I was lost in my own thoughts. Before I even knew it the school was about to end, I even forgot that I would help Thalia study after school so I just went home. 

"Nick!?", I screamed while walking through all the rooms downstairs. "I'm home!". 

I heard footsteps on the stairs, "What?, I was in the bathroom". 

"What did dad say to you?, I'm your sister I have to know too". 

Nick looked at me with his dark eyes like he didn't know if I could handle the information dad gave him. "Tell me Nick", I almost screamed at him. "Dad is getting married with Sarah in two weeks". 

Those words was just spinning around in my head. "What?", I mumbled. "Sara is offical our step mum and her daughter Jennifer". I didn't know what was worse, having ego Sara as an extra mum or that evil Jennifer is going to be my sister. "Does mum know?". 

"I think so cause our inventation was on the kitchen table". "Look Feli I really think he wants us there, he actually wanted me to go home from school just to check if the inventation had come", Nick continued.

I was still mad at dad for not coming to our coffee hang out for a couple of months ago. He hadn't call any of us since then. "I don't know what to say Nick, he really hurt me for not coming to that thing for 4 months ago". "I know but It was 4 months ago, give him another chance". Nick hugged me while some tears was dripping down on my cheeks. 

"Am I missing a hug party?", George came in from the front door and staired at us. I quickly dried my tears away with my hands. "Are you crying Felicity?", he asked and came up to me. 

I ran upstairs without looking at him, I closed the bedroom door behind me and fell down on my bed. 

Just a few minutes later someone was knocking on my door. 

"Are you okey?", Nick sat down beside me at the bed. "I thought It was George who came", I mumbled. "Well he was going to come up here but I thought that you wouldn't like that"

"Good guess", I hugged him. You could never get tired of you're brothers comfortable hugs. "He was early", I complained. "It was no meeting". 

Nick stopped hugging me and looked me in the eyes. "We are going to get through this together, we always does", he said with a low voice. I nodded and hugged him again. I'm so glad that he is just my brother and no one elses. 


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