Chelsea has been going through a bad patch in her life and when something bad happens to her dad she realizes that she is stronger that she first thought and that things could only get better, but how? who could make her life better? why her?


2. Getting the news

Chelsea's POV


i will never forget the look on mums face when she told me that dad had been involved in an accident at work. 


Dad: (on the phone) morning babes you okay?

Me: yeah i'm good thanks are you?

Dad: well i will be as soon as the sort my arm out


Dad: i'll let mum explain everything don't worry princess i'll be okay, i've gotta go so put your mum back on the phone, love you

Me: okay as long as your okay, love you lots daddy, speak to you soon

I sat waiting for mum to say her goodbyes to my dad and i can honestly say i have never been so nervous in my life. She said goodbye, put the phone down and look at my with sympathetic eyes as she sat down on the bottom of my bed.

Me: whats wrong with dad? what happened? is he gunner be okay? where is he? when will he be home?

i had so many questions in my head and they all just came out at once 

Mum: okay so your dads had an accident at work,  i'm not really sure what happened and i don't really thing your dad knows what happened to be honest. All he told me was that he got hit from behind and knocked to the floor, he said that hes got a bit of pain in his shoulder but other than that hes fine, they've gave him gas n air and they are just waiting for the normal helicopter to go and get him and the rest of the crew. He told me to tell you not to worry because he is okay he just need to go to hospital to get his arm checked and see whats wrong with it.

Me: are we travelling to Scotland to see him or will he be home in a few days?

to be honest with you i;m still surprised at how well i' m dealing with all of this but i have to stay strong for mum.

Mum: i'm not sure yet chels but his boss' will ring us and let us know whats happening and if they don't then i'm sure dad will.

Me: okay but i wanna go see him..

Mum: if he's staying in hospital for more than a couple of days then we will get a plane to go see him, don't worry we are not leaving him up there on his own.

Me: okay, good cos i wanna see him asap 

Mum: we will don't worry

Me: okay well i'm gunner get dressed

Mum: alright well i'm going shopping with gran soon so i'll see you when i get back, will you be okay?

Me: okay and yeah i'll be fine don't worry

After that mum left an i spent most of the time worrying about dad, i had a shower to try and calm myself down but that did't work and then i just got dressed, i didn't bother with make up or anything because to be quite honest i was too worried about dad to even care what i look like.

As i was sat watching t.v to try and take my mind of worrying about dad the phone rang and it was one of dads boss' ringing to tell us about dads accident and he pretty much said the same as what mu had told me, he said that he had been taken to the hospital and was in a stable condition so not to worry too much about him and that he will keep us posted on how dad was doing, that was it.

How could i not worry tho? i mean my dads at the other end of the country on his own lying in a hospital bed. I wish i could be there with him but for now i had to just sit and wait.. 



let me know what you thing guys..

should i carry on with this story or not?

thanks for reading:) x




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