Chelsea has been going through a bad patch in her life and when something bad happens to her dad she realizes that she is stronger that she first thought and that things could only get better, but how? who could make her life better? why her?


1. Everything Happens For a Reason

Chelsea's POV



They say everything happens for a reason right?  

Well when my dad had his accident i thought that it was gods was of finally telling me that i should give up and stop waiting for something good to happen to me because it never will but now i have realized that it wasn't gods way of  telling me to give up, it was his was of telling me to stay strong.

His way of telling me that i needed to stay strong not only for my dad because now he needed me more than ever but for my family too, my family all needed me and after my dads accident that when i finally realized that i was loved and i was needed. i was important. 

Okay so your probably wondering who i am, what happened to my dad and why i was so upset in the first place..well let me explain a few things,

First of all my name is Chelsea Cecelia Brewster, i'm 15 and i live in England. I have dark brown hair that will soon be dyed light purple, i have brown eyes that have a hint of green in them, i am the youngest out of all my siblings, i have 3 half sisters and a half brother but i only talk to one of my sisters(i'll explain more about why later)

As for my dad, well its hard to explain but basically he works on the oil rigs in the middle of the north sea which can be a very dangerous job at times being in the middle of the sea and all but hes been working on the oil rings for about 7 or 8 years now and so far he hasn't had any serious accidents in fact hes only ever had one accident and that wasn't really that bad, not compared to what happened this time. When he was working(his last shift before coming home actually) him and a few of his co-workers had nothing to do so they got asked by the person in charge to help some other people hoist something up and attach it to another thing that was already in the air. so my dad did as he was told and went to help the other men, after my dad and his co-workers had been tolled what they needed to in order to help they when straight to the machine and waited for the 'main man' to radio to them that he was about to move this object and that they needed to grab the chain, after the 'main man' told them he was moving the object nothing really happened and then all of a sudden BOOM! the big metal thing flew and hit my dad in his back, knocking him straight to the ground and left him unable to move..


hi evryone sorry the explanation about her dad may be a bit confusing my apologies

anyway i'm new to this so let me know what you think, should i continue? 

how hurt is her dad? 

why was she so down in the first place?

why doesn't she talk to most of her sibling?

thank you for reading, don't forget to comment and let me know what you think of it so far

much love, chels xx


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