Don't go Rosey

19 year old Rosey Jenabon was your averge girl. She was beautiful and had a bubbly personalty but once her boyfriend fsmous her entire life was flipped upside down. She even became famous herself. Rosey gets to hang out with Niall and his mates. She thinks this is the life she wants... And maybe it is.


5. Opportunity is at the door

While on the tour bus the boys made a stop to do an autograph signing. I stayed on the bus, since I was bored I decided to make a you tube video of me singing "Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer" I just made it for fun but when Niall got back on the bus and gave me a big hug. I said "what's that for" and he said "I'm so proud of you I can't believe your such a good singer!"  "How do you know about that?" I asked. "It's all over the Internet" Niall replied. "Oh no! But Niall I didn't mean too..." I started. "Rose why are you apologizing?" 
"I don't... I want to take it down!" I don't want to take away from one direction. I can't believe I posted a video of me singing. I know everyone is confused but girls like me aren't meant to be famous! I grabbed my computer and pressed delete yet there was still videos up. It had only been 1 hour, "NIALL HELP ME TAKE THIS FUCKING VIDEO DOWN" I screamed wildly causing the other 4 boys to come in complementing me on my video. I knew there was nothing I could do it had gotten into the hands of the media. I was so embarrassed. I want to be famous but I'm here for Niall. "Rose calm down, it's okay I'm not mad, I'm proud" Niall motioned for the other boys to leave but they didn't listen. "Rosey your over emotional right now. Just calm down" Harry said knowing that I was still on my period. I started breathing really hard. 

It's this thing I did when I was a kid. Every time I thought something was going to happen as in a got in trouble. I totally freaked out. It happened from 11-13. It stopped happening on my 14th birthday but its happening again. 

"I'm... Going.... To... Faintttttttttt...." I start feeling very woozy and suddenly I fell backwards on Niall. Liam grabbed my feet and helped Niall lift me on to the bed. "What are we going to do the show starts in 2 hours" said Niall. "Go I will be fine" I groaned. "We can't just leave her alone" whined Niall. "Hey mate my older sister Ruth is here. She can watch Rosie" suggested Liam. That the last thing I remembered be I passed out. 

I felt someone dabbing water on my head as my eyes slowly flickered open. "Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed "Shhh it's just me Ruth" calmly said Ruth. "Oh gosh I thought you were like a murderer or something. Where's the boys?" I asked "Performing a concert. Don't worry Niall told me you were having you monthly visiter and how you passed out." She soothed. "Come let's go back stage and let the boys know your okay. Your strong enough to get up right?" "Yes sorry, I don't know why I got emotional. I'm actually happy that so many people liked my video. Stupid period. The things it makes me do..." I said. Ruth laughed and helped me up.  As we crossed the street I kinda stumbled and Ruth had to kinda help me. It was humiliating. When we got back stage we had to wait for the boys to stop singing before we saw them. When Niall saw me he ran up and asked if I was okay and I said "Yes. Sorry, I actually am happy about so many people liking my video I just got a little..." "Haha it's okay love" Niall re-assured. I smiled at him, I was so lucky to have him as a boy friend. He so amazing I thought. "Hey Ruth and Rose want to go meet Ed Sheeran?" Asked Liam we both said "Sure!" I Niall grabbed my hand as we walked to see Ed Sheeran. I couldn't wait to meet Ed Sheeran! "Hey your the girl with the really good voice!" Ed Sheeran said. "Thanks!" I sheepishly said. "If you ever want to sing a song with me Niall's got my number" he said smoothly. "Gee I would love too!" I smiled. "Guess we need to find you an agent!" Laughed Niall. I laughed too. 

For the rest of the night we hung out at an after party that was extremely fun. Brussels is really cool I thought. And now I'm going to be able to start singing! Today was a pretty good day except for the fainting...

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