Don't go Rosey

19 year old Rosey Jenabon was your averge girl. She was beautiful and had a bubbly personalty but once her boyfriend fsmous her entire life was flipped upside down. She even became famous herself. Rosey gets to hang out with Niall and his mates. She thinks this is the life she wants... And maybe it is.


2. I don't want a break, I want you

"Niall, it's me Rosey, I've tried calling but you won't answer. Harry says your busy, Liam says your sick, Louis says you gone, and Zayn says sorry every time, please call me so I know what's going on." It's been a week since I told Niall no and he won't return my calls. He leaves in a week and I want to see him. I finally decided that I will just drive over to his house and see him. As I'm walking out the door I see Niall come up. "Niall!!!" I run up and hug him. "Haven't you been getting my calls?" "Yes" he said "I am sorry I haven't returned them after the night you said no all I have done is sleep and eat. But I'm ready to forgive you." I looked at him and walked back inside and ushered him to come too. "Okay good, want me to make us some spaghetti?" He nodded his head. I started to boil the noodles and talked with him about everything. "Niall I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you I wasn't ready. I love you and I want you to be my first but..." I trailed off. "Rose its okay, you should have told me. I love you too and I want you to be my first and last too." Niall walked up to Rosey and embraced her with a hug. After we ate, we went and sat on the couch and watched some CSI: Miami. After awhile I decided I was ready I wanted Niall more then I have every wanted a guy. I start to kiss him and slowly unbutton his shirt. "Rose are you sure?" "Mm hmm" I mumbled. We walked in to the bedroom and slowly start to strip each others close off... After we had sex Niall said "That was amazing" I nodded my head in agreement. Then we both drifted off into sleep. The next morning Niall's phone started going off he answered the phone and mouthed "It's my manager to me" I nodded my head and got up to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Ten minutes later Niall came out of the room and told me it was his manger and that he has to leave today for the tour. "What! Niall why so soon? I thought you had six days left. Great this means another break for our relationship!" I was very upset and tears were running down my face. I turned all the burners off and put the pans on the counter before anything caught on fire. "It is only for a little you can come on your with me..." 

"I have school Niall" 

"We have tutors to tutor you"

"I want to go to school!" I screamed. I can't believe this he acts like I can drop everything and go with him on a tour. "Babe it's only a tiny break" soothed Niall. "I don't want a fucking break I want you! I DON'T WANT A BREAK, I WANT YOU!" I yelled like a maniac. "Hush you'll wake your neighbors it's 8 am." Complained Niall. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE NEIGHBORS!" I stomped as hard as I could on the floor like a child to prove my prove my point. Niall stared at me in dis believe. "QUIT IT RIGHT NOW ROSEY ESMEE JENABONA" Niall yelled. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAKE ME NIALL JAMES HORAN", we started to have a screaming war. It was back and fourth, back and fourth. He screamed I screamed, we sounded like a storm. There was curse words all over the place "Fucking stop" "fuck you" "shit face" "go to hell" and many others. It felt like someone had unleashed our inner beast and there was no getting the beast back on the leash. It was horrible. 

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Niall answered it, it was a police officer, "We heard complaints that you were being to loud. Is everything okay?" He asked. "Yes" Niall said, "No" I said. Niall glared at me and told the officer "We are having a dis agreement, my girlfriend here is acting like a child." "Well keep it down I don't want to have to come back, this is your only warning" said the officer and he turned around and left. Niall walked up gave me a brief hug (I didn't hug back) and said "See your soon Rosey" and turned around and left. I glared at him as he walked away and a few minutes after he left I cried harder then I have cried ever in my life. I fell to the floor, and cried into the carpet and refused to move. How could I? I was alone. Once again. All because my boyfriend wanted to become a singer. I loved him, I did, but I was getting tired of him leaving. 

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