Don't go Rosey

19 year old Rosey Jenabon was your averge girl. She was beautiful and had a bubbly personalty but once her boyfriend fsmous her entire life was flipped upside down. She even became famous herself. Rosey gets to hang out with Niall and his mates. She thinks this is the life she wants... And maybe it is.


6. Death by tickle

"Hello" I said I was calling Ed Sheeran. 
"Hi" Ed Sheeran said back. 
"It's Rosey, about your song?"
"I would like to sing with you!" 
"Great I will have my people call your people. It could take at least 5 months to produce this song." 
"Okay. Oh Niall needs me. Nice talking bye!" 
 I smiled and hung up. I was on my way to becoming big. Niall was happy for me, yesterday we called and found a girl named Grace to be my agent. It's so great that Niall..... "ROSEYYYYY" my thought were disrupted by Niall's screams. "WHAT!" I yelled back. "Can you get my mates and me some beer?" "No! Niall not today. You have a concert in 6 hours later after you preform?" We were 2 hours away from Amsterdam. We ended hitting some traffic. "Roseyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy please!" Whined Harry. "NO" 
"Rosey I will give you a hug!" Louis sweetly said. 
"Your amazing!" Liam called 
"Go be a doll, get me a beer!" Yelled Zayn 
I could hear the boys pause there video game and get up to get beer. No I couldn't let them drink right now! I opened the window and started throwing beer out on to the high way. Oops hope no one pops a tire. "Rose! What was that for!" Complained Niall. "Hey i said no beer!" Suddenly I was being tickle to death by 5 boys craving for beer. "Ahhhhhhh stop! Stop! Stop it!" I wailed. They all laughed and finally stopped tickling me. They were very pleased with almost killing me. "You almost killed me! My tombstone would have said 'Death by Tickle' how stupid!" I yelled. Again laughing at me they walked back to play video games again. Niall have me a loss on the cheek and walked away. I looked in their direction laughed and shook my head. 

I laid down on Niall's bed and started watching a movie called "The Host" it was pretty good. It was weird but I enjoyed it. Mental note make Niall watch this. Haha he would hate it. 

Finally we got to the concert. I was waiting back stage when suddenly Niall ran off stage and pulled me on stage. He whispered in my ear to sing " 'What Makes You Beautiful' and that I could sing the parts where the whole group sings and Liam's part." I looked over a Liam and he nodded his head. "Niall I can't. These people didn't come for me!" Niall handed me a microphone and shouted to the crowd "Scream if you want to hear my girlfriend sing one song with us!" The whole crowd screamed. I smiled and they started the song. At the the song I told everyone "if anyone was wondering why I was off today I almost died" I said everyone gasped. "No no it's okay your boys just almost tickled me to death though!" I laughed, everyone laughed and Harry said "she didn't do what we asked. And we were polite!" He joked. I playfully hit him. 

After we finished joking around I walked off stage despite people complaining about me leaving I left. I waited for Niall and the rest of the group as they started to sing "Nobody Compares". After they finished that song they sang "Summer Love" and then the concert ended. When Niall got off a ran up and gave him a hug an a kiss! I was so happy! "Niall I was great... Wait I mean... That was great... YEAH THAT WAS GREAT!" I said with glee. "Yes YOU were great and it was great!" Niall laughed. We stood there and made out for a second when Zayn came up and "accidentally" knock in to Niall. Louis laughed his butt off and Niall gave them the evil eye. Suddenly we saw Liam pass us while chasing Harry "Come back Styles!" He yelled. "In your dreams! Haha not my fault your bad with ladies Payne!" Harry cracked up. Zayn caught Liam and Louis grabbed Harry. "What's going on?" I asked. "Harry made me look like a fool in front of Chelsea!" Liam said.
"Who is Chelsea?" 
"A girl a like!" 
Harry started cracking up and Liam got out of Zany's grip and pants Harry. Liam ran off laughing, and Harry pulled his pants back up and chased after him again. "Uh" I said. Niall start cracking up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He intertwined his fingers with mine and Niall, Zayn, Liam, and I walked to their autograph signing. 

I signed some people's t-shirts, hats, and pictures. It was an awesome experience. So many people asked me if I was gonna start touring the world and everytime someone did, Niall responded yes. I nodded my head whenever he said that and a couple girls asked me to hug them so of course I did. At the end of the signing Niall said "Im so proud of you babe!" I smile and we walked back to the bus. I feel asleep with my head on Niall's chest and his arms rapped around my shoulders. 

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