Don't let go

Zayn and Lucy are in a perfect relationship and have been for 2 years but Lucy is leaving for college and Zayn is going on tour with One Direction. Will they stay and be together or will they go? Can friends help convince them to stay or go? A tragic love story!!


2. Secrets

(Zayn's P.O.V)

Lucy looks perfect and nothing can ruin this night. We are sitting in the limo both quite with a guilt look. I haven't told her yet about the OneDirection tour I'm going on but i don't know what she's hiding from me either.

(Lucy's P.O.V)

I didn't know when to tell him about me leaving to go to college but just not tonight. To stop the awkwardness I asked him how his day was and then everything was fine.  **1hour later** . Dinner was great and I just got home but I felt guilty. I got changed into some sleeping clothes and got in bed and went to sleep.


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