Styles Brothers! *Completed*

Hi, my name is Jessica Bradley and I am a new student to London, what will happen when I meet the Styles' twins?


5. Swimming


"Dad, I didn't bring my bathing suit." I say, getting out of the car.

"I brought that black suit for you, just in case." He says and I go to the trunk and he pops it open and I pull it out and I go and change and I come back out and all the guys except Marcel and Niall are shirtless and in the pool.

I walk over and they look at me.

"Why aren't you guys getting in?" I ask.

"I don't want people to see my chest." Niall says and I smile.

"I bet you have a perfect body and besides these guys are your best friends and you will be in the pool." I say and he sighs and takes his shirt off and jumps in quickly. "Same for you." I say to Marcel and he does the same and then I jump in.

Someone grabs my waist and I look down and then Harry pops up.

I try to back away but his arms are wrapped around me.

"Harry." I say but he pulls me closer.

He starts leaning down.

He is so close.

"You want to kiss me." He says and I finally am able to back up and I get out and I slip into my flip flops and I go to the car.

Marcel comes out of the doorway and to the car but Marcel looks like Harry with his hair wet.

"Are you ok?" He asks, sitting next to me.

"Yeah." I say and I look at him.

"Just checking." He says, getting up but I grab his arm.

"I have a question." I say and he looks at me.

"What is it?" He asks and I bite my lip.

"Does Harry like me?" I ask.

"I-I don't know, he keeps to himself." He says and I nod.

"Ok." I say and he starts blushing.

"I do." He says and I smile and I hug him.

"I like you too." I say and I kiss his cheek. He puts his hands on my waist and he leans down and kisses me.

I put my arms around his neck and I kiss him back.

"Mar-" Someone starts and I look at them and it's Harry.

I back up from Marcel.

"Hi Harry." Marcel says but Harry is staring at me.

"Marcel we are starting a game of volleyball." Harry says and I perk up and Marcel walks past him and I am about to walk past him too but he grabs my arm.

"Let go." I say, looking at him but he pulls me closer.

"What was that?" He asks and I look into his eyes and there is so much intensity that I have to look away.

"You're not my boyfriend." I say and I look back at him.

"I can be." He says and I roll my eyes.

"No thank you." I say, backing up.

"I'm asking." He says and I just stare at him.

"No." I say and he bites his lip.

"Why?" He asks and I look at the ground.

"You are not my type, you are a jerk and if I were to date you, I would worry that you would cheat on me." I say, not looking at him.

"I wouldn't cheat on you." He says and I look at him.

"No Harry." I say, backing up.

I start to walk away.

"Not even one chance?" He asks and I turn towards him.

"Why should I?" I ask and he grabs my hand.

"If you actually got to know me, you would know that I treat girls with respect." He says and I bite my lip.

"You have one chance, one date, tomorrow." I say and I walk back and I sit in a chair.

"Hey sweetie, having fun?" My dad asks and I look at him.

"Yeah. I am kind of tired though." I say and he hands me the keys.

"You have school tomorrow." He says and I smile.

"How are you going to get home?" I ask, standing up.

"I have people." He says, kissing my head and I smile and I start to leave.

"Can you take me home?" Marcel asks politely.

"Yeah." I say, grabbing my shorts and I put them on over my bathing suit bottoms and I pull on my shirt and I go to the car and I get in and so does Marcel.

"Do you have to go home right now? I'm a bit hungry." I say, turning on the radio.

"Me too." He says.

A little later I pull into a burger place and we get out and we go inside.

"Jessica!" Linda says and I smile.

"Hi Linda!" I say and I walk up to her. "Two burers and fries and two root beer floats." I say and she yells back to Marty and we sit toward the back.

"How do you know her?" Marcel asks me and Linda hands us our drinks and walks back to the counter.

"Linda and my mom used to be friends until my parents got a divorce and I used to live here." I say, sipping my float. "Try it." I say.

He reluctantly leans down and takes a sip.

"It's delicious." He says and I smile.

"Jessi!" I turn and Marty puts our food on the table.

"Hi Marty." I say, sipping my drink again.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Marty asks and I start choking, I look at Marcel and he is blushing.

"No but he is my prom date." I say, looking up at Marty.

"You have to stop by the diner before you go." He says and I smile.

"Ok, I will." I say and he smiles and he leaves.

After we are done eating, Marcel smiles at me.

"What?" I ask and he blushes.

"You're just really pretty." He says and I blush.

"Thank you." I say and I put down some money and we go out to the car.

I open my door and I get in and so does Marcel and I drive him to his house.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -Doug the Girl/StyPayHorLikSon

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