Styles Brothers! *Completed*

Hi, my name is Jessica Bradley and I am a new student to London, what will happen when I meet the Styles' twins?


14. Prom

The next morning, all anyone at school could talk about was prom.

"Sucks to be the people who have no dates." Marcel says and I roll my eyes.

"You wouldn't have one, if I hadn't come along." I say and I look at him and he blushes.

I poke his stomach and he giggles and I turn and I see Harry kissing some girl and I turn away.

"You ready for class?" Marcel asks and I nod and I start my day.

By the end of the day, I was so tired of hearing about prom.

I walk home alone since Marcel has to get ready and I get home and I start getting ready.

"Hey kiddo, need any help?" Felecia says and I turn and nod.

"My hair." I say and she comes over and starts curling my hair.

About 15 minutes later I am finished, I look totally transformed.

I hear the doorbell ring so I go downstairs and my dad is at the door.

He opens the door and turns toward me and just stares and so does Marcel.

I smile and blush and I walk up to them.

"Wow, my daughter, you look beautiful." My dad says and I smile.

He takes a few pictures and then Marcel and I go out to the limo and we climb in the back and I was relieved Harry isn't here and I smile at Marcel and he grabs my hand.

We show up at prom and it's packed.

I look at Marcel and he is staring outside the window.

"You look handsome tonight." I say and he looks at me and blushes.

"You look really pretty." He says and I kiss his cheek and he turns his head and we kiss.

The limo finally gets parked and we get out and go inside.

I stare around in amazement, the prom committee made it look beautiful! Blue and white balloons, table covers blue in white, the stage has the theme of the prom pinned to the top of the stage.

My eyes are roaming the when I see Harry, with Lacie.

He doesn't see me because his eyes are closed.

"Want to dance?" Marcel asks and I look at him.

"Sure." I say and he leads me to the floor and he puts his hands where they are supposed to be and we start slow dancing.

I move closer and I lay my head on his shoulder.

"Can I cut in?" Someone says and I peek over Marcel's shoulder.

"Um." Marcel says but is already getting pushed away.

The guy grabs my hand and we start dancing.

"Who are you?" I ask, backing up a bit to look at his face.

"I'm Cole." He says and I just stare at him.

"So?" I say and he smiles.

"Harry's friend." He says and I stop.

"What do you want?" I ask and he shrugs.

"He wanted to know why you are ignoring him." He says and dips me.

"Why does he care, he is getting cozy with Lacie." I say and I let him go and I walk outside for fresh air.

"You look beautiful." I turn and Harry is standing there with his tie undone and hair in a mess and somehow I get a strange sense of deja vu.

"Thanks." I say, looking at the ground.

"I see you came here with Marcel." He says and I look up at him and I curse myself for doing it because his green eyes hold hurt.

"I see you came here with Lacie." I say, not looking away from his gaze.

He just stares at me.

We stare at each other like we are having a private conversation with our eyes.

"What did I do?" He whispers, looking away from me.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

"You know exactly what I am talking about!" He says, raising his voice and I jump and his face softens.

"Harry, this is prom, almost the last night of our senior year, lets enjoy it." I say, walking past him and he grabs my arm.

"I will when you tell me what I did, did I hurt you?" He asks and I look at the ground and then back at him.

"Yes." I say simply and I yank my arm from his grip and I walk through the crowd and I walk up to Marcel.

"Hey Jessica." Marcel says and I lay my head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around my waist.

"Hi Marcel, we forgot to go to the diner!" I say and he looks at me.

"Lets go now!" He says and I lead him through the crowd.

We decide to walk and when we get there is it empty so we go inside.

"Hi baby girl!" Linda exclaims and she comes around the counter.

"Hi." I say, smiling.

"You look beautiful. Marty get out here!" She shouts and Marty comes out.

"Jessi? You look so pretty!" Marty says, hugging me.

"And you clean up well Marcel." Marty adds and I smile.

"Lets get some pictures taken." Linda says and Marcel and I stand by the front door and we get a free meal and then we leave.

"Thank you for coming along and being nice, before you came, no one talked to me or I never had the courage to talk to girls but now I do, thanks to you." Marcel says and I smile.

"Did you find another girl?" I ask.

"Yes, I like you but-" Marcel trails off.

"What?" I ask and he hesitates.

"I know you love Harry and you two should be together." He says in a rush.

I just stare at the ground and we walk in silence.

I go home after Marcel said that and I lay down and I stare at my ceiling.

I close my eyes and I get a One Direction song stuck in my head.

I start humming it and I soon fall asleep, Harry stuck in my head.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! This book is almost over, but I hoped you liked it and I have a sequel in mind too! -1D's Diana

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