Styles Brothers! *Completed*

Hi, my name is Jessica Bradley and I am a new student to London, what will happen when I meet the Styles' twins?


11. Marcel's Date

Jessica's POV

"I'll go pick out some clothes." I say, leaving.

I go upstairs and I find Marcel's room, which I vaguely remember.

I look through all of his clothes and I find a pair of jeans.

I find a light, faded blue shirt.

I walk back downstairs but I stop because Harry is talking to Marcel.

"Yeah, she is awesome." He says and I peek around the corner.

"Do you love her?" Marcel asks and I bite my lip.

"No, I have my eyes on another girl, I can't be with this girl." He says and my heart sinks.

Harry likes another girl.

I walk in and Marcel smiles at me.

Why did I fall for Harry and not Marcel?

I sit down in between them and I put the outfit on the table.

"Here is what I choose." I say and they nod.

"Casual." Marcel says and I smile.

"Do you want to change?" I ask and he nods and picks up his clothes and leaves.

I stand up and Harry grabs my arm.

"How about we go on a date tonight too." He says and I move my arm.

"I think I will just stay home tonight." I say, walking to find Marcel.

I knock on his bedroom door but another door opens and I turn around.

"How do I look?" He asks and I almost say, like your brother because his hair isn't slicked back but he is wearing his glasses.

"You look great." I say, smiling.

"Thanks." He says, blushing and I run my hands through his curls.

"You look so cute!" I gush and I hug him and he squeezes me against him.

"You're cute." He says and I smile and I back up.

"Good luck." I say and he smiles and he leaves and I go to the kitchen.

"Are you sure you want to go home?" Harry asks and I nod.

"Did you teach him how to get a girl to hate him?" I ask and he smiles.

"She will fall in love with him within a week, you did." He says and I laugh.

"I'm not in love with you." I say and he bites his lip and I look away.

"Oh." He says and I look at him.

"I am going to leave." I say and I kiss his cheek.

I leave but I sigh and I go back inside and Harry is still standing there.

"Can you drive me home?" I ask and he looks at me.

"Sure." He says and I go back outside and it starts lightning.

I bite my lip and I turn and Harry is right behind me.

"Are you going to be ok?" He asks and I nod.

We get in the car and he drives me to my house.

I get out and it starts raining.

I run to my door and he drives off and I go inside and I go to the living room and I check the answering machine.

"Hey Jess, I won't be home tonight, love you." My dad's voice says and I delete the message and I lay on the couch and I fall asleep.

I wake up to knocking, I look out the window, it's still raining.

I run to the door and I open it.

"Jessica." Marcel says and I pull him inside and I close the door.

"Marcel, what are you doing here?" I ask and we go to the living room and we sit on the couch.

"She poured water on me and then slapped me." He says and I cover my mouth.

"Why?" I ask, hugging him.

"She said I was being a jerk." He says and I sigh.

"I'm sorry, you learned from Harry, his charm doesn't work on every girl." I say and he nods.

I examine his face and I see red finger marks on his right cheek.

I lean forward and I kiss his cheek.

"You can sleep here." I say, turning on the TV and he lays his head on my shoulder and I put the blanket over him and we sit there and his breath slows and I look at him and he is asleep.

I call Harry.

"Hello?" He says groggily and I look at Marcel.

"Marcel is here, asleep on my couch." I say and I hear him sigh.

"I'll be right there." He says and hangs up.

I stand up and I go to the kitchen and I get an apple.

About an hour later there is a knock on my door so I get up and I answer it.

"He is asleep." I say and I go to the living room and we stare at him.

"Why did he come here?" Harry asks and I look at him.

"His date was ruined." I say and he looks at me.

"How?" He asks.

"She called him a jerk, slapped him, and then poured water on him." I say and he bites his lip.

"Did I-" He starts and I nod.

"Your charms didn't work on her." I say, walking over to Marcel and I take off the blanket.

"There." I say and Harry walks over and picks him up and takes him to his car but then comes back.

"Thanks." He says and I nod and he leans in but I back up and he leaves.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Sorry that I haven't updated this in a while but I really hoped you liked it!! -1D's Diana

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