Styles Brothers! *Completed*

Hi, my name is Jessica Bradley and I am a new student to London, what will happen when I meet the Styles' twins?


1. New School


It's my first day to a new school in London, i'm a transfer because my dad got a job here. my name is Jessica Bradley and yes my father is the famous Calum Bradley, the actor.

My dad drops me off at my new high school and he reminds me of the huge party that's going on at his director's house tonight and I nod and I go inside and I go straight to the office.

"Hello dear, what can I help you with?" The lady behind the desk asks me.

"Hi, i'm new here, my name's Jessica Bradley." I say and she looks up at me.

"Is your father Calum Bradley?" She asks and I nod and she gasps. "Oh I just love him in that movie, Deadly." She gushes and I smile and I pull out a poster that he signed and I hand it to her.

"He signed it." I say and she practically passes out.

"Marge! Get out here!" The lady yells and another lady comes out.

"What Andrea?" Marge says and Andrea shows her the poster and she starts screaming. "Is this his daughter?" She asks and Andrea nods.

She finally gives me my schedule and I leave and I look it over. I look up and I go to locker 57, my new locker and I open it and I put up my bag and pull out all my supplies and I shut my locker and I look down the hall and this guy is getting pushed against a locker and I walk over to him while he is picking up his glasses and I squat down to help him pick up all of his papers.

"Are you okay?" I ask him and he looks at me and he instantly gets nervous.

"Y-yes." He says and I look towards the direction that guy and his friends went and I shake my head.

"Who were those guys?" I ask, looking back at him.

"My older twin brother and his friends." He says and we stand up.

"How is he older, if he's your twin?" I ask, handing him his papers and picking up mine.

"He came out a couple of seconds before me." He says and I nod.

"Well my name's Jessica Bradley." I say, holding out my hand and he takes it.

"I-i'm M-Marcel Styles." He says and I smile.

"Oh your brother is Harry Styles, right?" I ask, letting go of his hand.

"Yeah and you must be Calum Bradley's d-daughter. My mum loves him." He says and I laugh.

"Here." I say, handing him a poster that he signed.

"T-thanks." He says and I smile at him.

"Can you help me? I'm new and I don't know where any of the classrooms are." I say and he takes my schedule.

"Y-you have f-first hour with me." He says and I smile.

"Great!" I say and we start walking towards the classroom and we walk in and I decide to sit with him.

The door opens and in walks Harry Styles and two guys not in One Direction.

"You actually got someone to sit with you!" Harry says to Marcel.

"Yeah I chose to sit with him." I say and he looks at me.

"Who are you?" He asks and I just smile.

"Jessica Bradley, daughter of Calum Bradley." I say and he just stares at me.

"Ok well i'm Har-" He starts but I cut him off.

"Yes I know, you're Harry Styles of One Direction and you're a heartbreaker and not to mention a major jerk, I think I have summed i tup pretty well, don't you think?" I ask but the bell rings and he goes and sits down.

"Hello class, we have a new student." Mr. Baldwin says and I stand up.

"My name is Jessica Bradley, daughter of Calum Bradley." I say and everyone says hi and I sit back down and he gets on with the lesson.

I have almost every class with Marcel but he escorts me to every one of them even though they are far away from his classes.

"Thank you for walking me to my classes." I say and he blushes.

I go into my last class and I don't have it with Marcel but just my luck, I have it with Harry. I sit as far away from him as I can and the teacher enters.

"You're going to need partners for this assignment." Miss Brandi says and everyone gets a partner and a few girls go to Harry but he looks at me.

"Sorry but I have a partner." He says, getting up and coming and sitting next to me.

"Awe but Harry!" The girls say and he shrugs.

"Sorry loves." He says and I glare at him.

"Why are you being my partner?" I ask, picking up my pencil.

"Just enjoy it." He says and I roll my eyes.

"There is nothing to enjoy about it." I say, writing down the assignment.

"Come to my house tonight and we will work on it." He says, writing down the assignment too.

"I can't i'm going to a party at Chad Sutherland's house." I say and he looks at me.

"Oh yeah me too, thanks for reminding me." He says and I sigh.

"Of course you are." I say and he just grins.

The bell finally rings and I get up and I leave before Harry can say anything to me and I go to my locker and get my bag and I go outside to wait for my dad.

The door behind me opens and Marcel and Harry walk out, Harry on his phone and Marcel, carrying his bag.

"Marcel!" I say and he looks over at me and instantly blushes.

I run over and I walk with him.

"Hi Jessica." He says shyly and I take some things from him.

"Hey Marcel." I say and we walk towards a limo and Harry hops in and Marcel puts his stuff in and then takes the stuff from me and gets in.

My dad finally shows up and rushes us home.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter!!! -Doug the Girl/StyPayHorLikSon

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