On the 7th Day

The Malik's seem to have built the perfect life until their six year old daughter is kidnapped; over the course of seven days they begin to uncover secrets about their past that could rip their marriage and lives apart.


2. Chapter 1

Jasmin's POV

I looked across the yard and my eyes stopped on the man behind the grill. I saw him looking back at me smiling. I thought about his tan skin, hazel eyes, plump lips, and his hair that was in a quiff. I stopped thinking about him when I saw him making his way towards me.

"I saw you looking at me" he said motioning his head to where he once stood.

"I saw you looking back" I said moving closer to him while placing my hands on his shoulders.

"Do I know you doll?" he asked smiling.

"You might" I said standing on my tippy toes to kiss him.

Our lips instantly touched and I felt those same sparks I felt 9 years ago.

"Mommy! Daddy!" MiKayla yelled running over towards us.

"Yes princess" Zayn said pulling back from me to pick MiKayla up.

"This is the best party ever!" she yelled hugging him.

"What about me?" I asked pretending to be hurt.

"Hugs for you too" she said hugging me.

"We love you" I said rubbing her head.

"I love you too" she said attempting to wrap her little arms around the both of us.

"Give me a kiss" I said bending down.

She pecked my lips and ran off to play with her friends.

*Hours Later*

"Bye everyone!" MiKayla yelled at those who were walking out the door.

"Bye uncle Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam!" MiKayla yelled running towards them to hug them.

"What about us?" Billie Joe asked pretending to be hurt.

"Sorry! Bye auntie El, Lexi, Billie Joe and Dani!" MiKayla said also giving them hugs and giggling.

"Thank you all for coming to MiKayla's birthday party" I said clasping my hands together.

"No problem hun" El said.

"Well we have to get going but we'll see y'all around" Bille Jo (BJ for short) said grabbing on to Niall's hand.

"Okay bye!" me and Zayn said as they walked out the door closing it behind them.

"Alright kiddo its time for your bath then its time for you to go to bed" Zayn said picking MiKayla up and kissing her head. 

While Zayn gave Kayla a bath, I cleaned the remainder of trash sitting around the house. After I was done I went up to Kayla's room and opened her window so she could have some breeze come through.

"Mommy look I'm clean!" she screeched running into the room in her pj's.

"Let me smell you" I said walking over to her and bending down.

I grabbed ahold of her waist and pulled her towards me. I stuck my head between her neck and smelled it.

"Oooo you smell good" I said kissing her neck.

She giggled and threw her head back.

"Okay come on say your prayers" I said getting on my knees on the side of her bed.

Zayn walked out of the room while me and Kayla prayed.

"Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I should die, before I wake

I pray the Lord my soul to take



I got off of my knees and placed Kayla in her bed, as Zayn walked back in.

"Goodnight baby" I said and kissed her forehead Zayn doing the same.

"Goodnight" she said before turning over in her bed and pulling the covers up.

We walked out of her room and into ours and went to sleep.

???'s POV

I can't stand seeing them together it was destined for us to be together. I was watching them at the party together. That should be me feeling those hands, kisses, and having that family. When everyone left the party I hid in the backyard and watched the house. They left Kayla's window open so I waited until they were sleep until I went into Kayla's room. I was running my fingers along her dresser when I knocked something over. I quickly hopped out of the window when Kayla sat up in bed.

Zayn's POV

"Doll did you hear something?" I asked sitting up in bed.

"No I didn't hear anything your just imagining you heard something" she said turning to face me.

"No I hea..." I was cut off by MiKayla.

"Mommy I'm scared" she said standing at the edge of the bed scratching her head.

"Come on you can sleep with us" she said picking her up and putting her between us.

"What" I whispered-yelled looking at Jasmin.

She gave me a look signaling me to be quiet. I pretended to be mad and flopped back in bed pulling the covers from Jasmin. She giggled before pulling the covers back over herself. I was too tired to keep the cover war going so I just let it be.



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