The new kid at school

Erica is back to school after a good enough summer, She wants to see her friends but the learning part is what puts her off, She finds a new kid who she learned his name was Louis Tomlinson crying outside, She comforts him and a beautiful friendship blossoms, Could it turn into more than just friendship?.. Louis is the only one erica can turn to when her Mother like maid falls poorly and she's forced to call an ambulance, The next couple of weeks in Erica's life are going to be a rollercoaster...


4. Will you go to the dance with me?

Ericas POV

Dear diary

The last few weeks of my life have been amazing! Me and Louis are constantly together, We've become so close and were never apart, Hes always at mine or Im always at his. But the bad thing is that i think i'm starting to get feelings for him. The Christmas dance is in a week and i've still nobody to go with, I mean i've been asked by several guys many different times but the one guy i want to ask me never seems to do so..Louis. People are starting to think were a couple which me and him just laugh at, Even tho i wish it was true. Ive been two weeks off smoking! Its not that hard since Louis keeps me distracted from it, He says i'm doing so well and if i start back again he doesn't think he could still be my friend :( So it looks like ill be staying away from them for ever! Anyways He's at the front door so i have to go and let him in so we can work on or project ! 


I closed my diary and shoved it under my bed before walking out my bedroom door.*Ding dong* He rang the bell again, I swear that boy has no patience.

''Coming!'' I shout.

*Ding dong* The bell goes again.

''Louis William Tomlinson i swear if you ring that bell again you will be very sorry!''

''Erica you no i'm terrified of your dog'' He says walking past me as i let him in.

''What's that you have behind your back?'' I asked curiously.

''You no you always ruin a surprise''He pulls a big bunch of flowers from behind his back.

''What are these for?'' I ask while smelling them.

''I'm not telling you now, You've ruined it.''

''Okay lets start over'' I hand him back them flowers and he nods in excitement.

''Hello erica'' He says in a strange voice

''Hello Louis''

''I was just am wondering'' He then takes the flowers from behind his back while continuing ''Would you go to the Christmas dance with me?''

''Of course i will!'' 

''Really? If you have someone else to go with already it's okay.'' He says looking at the ground, Seeming disappointed

''No i dont Louis, Being honest i've been waiting for you to ask me'' A smile forms on his face and his eyes interlock with mine.''Now c'mon we have to do this project!''I demand as i pull him up the stairs by the hand.

We were at our project for a good 3 hours with breaks in between, When his mum came to collect him i walked him to the door as usual. I leaned in and gave him a hug to say goodbye, But instead of just hugging and pulling away, He kissed me on the cheek and whispered 

''Bye love''

After he was gone i went to the kitchen and filled rosie with all the gossip of how he asked me to the dance then kissed me on the cheek.

''Oh my little Erica has a boyfriend'' She teased.

''I dont not!''

''Okay okay, So what are you wearing to this dance?''

''Oh god i dont no. Dad wont be home for another 3 weeks so i cant ask him for money, I guess ill find something in the back of my wardrobe.''

''No you will not'' She demanded as she went over to her bag and got out her purse, She unzipped it and pulled out 100 pounds.

''Rosie i couldn't''

''You must! Or else ill spend the money on food that will make me fat''

I laughed at her trying to be funny and then took the money ''Ill take this on one condition.You have to come dress shopping with me? For a girlie day out''

''Okay i will collect you after school tomorrow''

I was a bit disappointed that she would be collecting me and i wouldn't be going on the buss home with Louis. But then i taught of the well needed time me and rosie needed.I took out my phone to text Louis and tell him i wouldn't be sitting next to him tomorrow after noon.

Message to:Louis!:)

Hey ! Im going shopping for a dress after school with Rosie So i wont be on the bus, Sorry :(

I put my phone away and made my way to my bedroom.After getting into my pajamas i got into bed and snuggled down into the warm blankets, I got my phone from my bed side locker to read what Louis text back.

Message from:Louis!:)

Awww :( Its okay i hope you have fun shopping!:)

Message to:Louis!:)

Oh i will haha. I got to go asleep now so ill see you on the bus in the morning!. Night Lou xx

Message from:Louis!:)

Sweet dreams Eri xx

And on that i locked my phone with a smile on my face, And lay down to go asleep, Thinking of the dance, But most importantly, Thinking of him..



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