The new kid at school

Erica is back to school after a good enough summer, She wants to see her friends but the learning part is what puts her off, She finds a new kid who she learned his name was Louis Tomlinson crying outside, She comforts him and a beautiful friendship blossoms, Could it turn into more than just friendship?.. Louis is the only one erica can turn to when her Mother like maid falls poorly and she's forced to call an ambulance, The next couple of weeks in Erica's life are going to be a rollercoaster...


6. Rosie's funeral

Louis POV

It's the day of Rosie's funeral, I've been staying at Erica's since it happened because i can't bare to see her alone, She hasn't told her dad about it because he will just replace her and thats something Erica can't deal with she says. 

I can't stop thinking of the Christmas dance, So much things happened that night, I kissed Erica, She kissed me, Erica found rosie, Rosie died, Erica lay on the bed they put Rosie in for hours after she passed, Holding her and crying. I keep getting images of her being so upset and it kills me inside.

I sit on the bottom of Erica's bed and stair to the wall while i tie my tie, Erica disappears every few minutes. She says shes going to the toilet or out for some fresh air but i have that feeling shes back smoking, I feel it would make things worse if i said it, Even tho i hate it i'm just going to have to let it not bother me for a while.

I here the front door opening and closing, Then a small sigh, It's her.I get up off the bed and make my way down the stairs to find her leaning against the door crying. I slowly walk over to her and hug my arms tight around her waist to comfort.

''Its to soon'' She says, One of the first words she's said in a couple of days.

''What is?'' I question.

''The funeral, The day i have to say goodbye to her properly and for ever, I can't do it Louis i just can't''

''Erica you listen right here, You've been so strong since she passed, And its time u say your farewells, so she can go to heaven and one day you will join her there, But until then you have to be happy that she had such an amazing life and lived it to the last'' I say comforting her.

''Why do you always help me when i cry?''

''Because, Not so long ago it was me crying and you were the one helping me'' I say kissing her on the forehead, ''Now come on, We need to go or we'll be late''

She nods her head and i hold her as we both walk out the front door.

Erica's POV

We stand outside the church, Everybody coming up to me saying ''Sorry for your lose'' Or ''Anything you need you let me no'' I soon get sick of everybody reminding me she's gone so i tell louis and his mum im going around back to see if the grave is dug properly or not,

I walk threw the graveyard over to the freshly dug 6 foot rectangle hole in the ground, I sit down beside it and take out my cigarettes and light up one, I've been smoking a lot since she's died, Near enough to 40 a day. I just can't deal with this and its the only way i can relax a little, Louis doesn't know tho, If he did he would flip at me.

Once i'm done my cigarette i get up and start walking back to the church, Every body is starting to walk inside now, Louis gives his mum a look and she walks in while he walks over to me, We walk to the door and stop

''You ready?'' He asks

I take in a deep breath and nod my head.

We walk down the eyl and sit in the front row beside Rosie's few family. The priest begins the service.

Half way threw the mass he asks

''Is there anyone who would like to say a few words about Rosie?''

i stand up and walk up the the microphone,

'' I haven't prepared anything so its just going to have to come from the heart, Rosie was an amazing women, My mother died when i was young and she was the women who raised me, the women who taught me bad from wrong, She was there when i needed her to most and i'm going to always remember her, She'll always be in my heart and i'll always be in he-'' I stop talking, The tears overwhelmed up my eyes and the words just wouldn't come out, I manage to squeeze out a few more words, ''Rest in peace Rosie''

I walk back down to my chair in tears and everybody starts to clap.

After the service and burial is over we say thanks to everybody for coming and all go our own separate ways.

Louis mum dropped me home, I got out of the car and thanked her and Louis for all they've done these past couple of days.

''Bye then'' I say closing the door.

''Louis opens up his door of the car and gets out.

''What are you doing?'' I ask.

''I'm not leaving you alone like this Erica''

''Louis go home, You've done enough for me''

''No'' He says and starts walking in towards the front door.


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