The new kid at school

Erica is back to school after a good enough summer, She wants to see her friends but the learning part is what puts her off, She finds a new kid who she learned his name was Louis Tomlinson crying outside, She comforts him and a beautiful friendship blossoms, Could it turn into more than just friendship?.. Louis is the only one erica can turn to when her Mother like maid falls poorly and she's forced to call an ambulance, The next couple of weeks in Erica's life are going to be a rollercoaster...


5. Christmas Dance is here!

Louis Pov

I sat there, All alone on the bus listening to my head phones. Looking at the seat beside me, Only then did i realize how bored i am when i'm not with Erica.

Message to:Erica(:

Hello, Hows shopping going? 

I send the message just as my bus stops for me to get off, Once i get off i walk round the corner to my house and go inside 

''Hello mum'' I greet my mum like i always do.

''Hello chicken, Good day at school?'' She asks while placing my dinner on the table.

''Yeah it was ok, Same as usual.''

Once i'm done eating my dinner i put my plate in the dishwasher and go change, On my way to my room my phone buzzed in my pocket.

Message from:Erica(: 

Yeah great! I got my dress and i love it!!

Message to:Erica(:

Wow thats fantastic! what's it look like?

Message from:Erica(:

Ohh that would ruin the surprise ;)

I smile at my phone and then put in back into my pocket, Once i'm done getting changed i go to the sitting room and relax while watching TV with my sisters.

Ericas POV

Me and Rosie picked out a baby blue dress with diamonds all around it, It was exactly 100 pounds but well worth the buy. After our girl day out we arrive home and i got straight to bed, Without a word because i am exhausted! 

~Christmas Dance Night~

''Erica Louis' here'' Rosie shouts up the stairs.

I take one last look in the mirror making sure the curls in my hair are perfectly even, That my eyelashes perfectly long. I make my way down the stairs and Louis' eyes are just glued to me, Hes standing the in a simply but elegant suit with a striped tie,

''Wow'' He says gazing at me

''Don't drool louis'' I joke

''Sorry, But you look just beautiful''

I feel my cheeks starting to go red. After Rosie takes a few pictures we make our way out to the car and she drops us off at the dance, All the girls look amazing and all the boys clean up pretty well. Louis grabs my hand and takes a deep breath before we go in.

''You ready?'' He asks.

''Yeah'' I answer as we make our way.

The room is completely packed and me and louis dance the whole night befor going to the punch bar to get a drink.

''Okay so this is the last song so for all you couples out there, Have a great slow dance'' Announces the Dj as she turns on a slow song, I nearly choke on my drink.

Louis puts out his hand.

''May i have this dance?'' He asks.

''You may'' I say taking his hand.

We got onto the dance floor and he put his arms on my waist I put my hands on his shoulders and buried my head in his neck,

''Erica?'' He asks in a hushed voice.

''Yes louis?'' 

''There's something ive always wanted to do, You might want it two or you might hate me after it but i need to do this'' He says with a croaky voice, I start to worry.

''What is it?''

''This'' He says leaning into me, My knees go week and butterflies fill my stomach as he presses his lips against mine and i could here fire works, The ones you'd see in a movie. After a couple of seconds he pulls away.

''Sorry'' He starts to go red.

''Don't be'' I say leaning in and kissing him again.

After our dance was over we walked out to the parking lot and Louis mum was waiting there to collect us and bring me and him home.

When we pulled up outside my house i got out of the car.

''Thanks for the lift miss Tomlinson, Louis ill ring you in a while''

They both say good bye and i make my way in the door, I wait till i here the care drive down the lain before i start twirling around in circles and screaming heading to the kitchen to tell rosie.

''Rosie you would not believe what a night i ha-'' I stopped speaking because to my horror Rosie was there lying on the floor.

''Rosie!!'' I scream getting on the ground beside her, I start shaking her but shes not responding, I dont no what to do so i get out my phone and redial the last number.

''Hello?'' Louis answers.

''Louis its Rosie, Shes not breathing'' I say starting to cry.

''What happened? Have you called an ambulance?'' He says sounding concerned but i dont answer.

''Erica you need to call an ambulance''

''Yes ill do it right now, Could you meet me at the hospital?'' I ask still crying.

''Of course'' He says 

I hang up the phone and dial the amulance's number, With in a matter of munites they were here and rushed rosie straight to the hospital, i went along in the ambulance.

~30 munites later~

I sat there, With my head on Louis shoulder, In shock of what just happened, In horror waiting for a doctor to come and tell us shes ok. The big double white doors open and a bald man comes true.

''Erica Philmore'' He says looking around. 

I jump up ''Me''. He gives me a worried look and then walks over to me.

''Erica i am sorry to say this, But its bad news, Rosie had a blocked artery and she didn't make it, We did everything we could, I'm sorry for your lose'' The words he just said where like a knife in the gut, I feel to my knees and put my head in my hands and started to cry and cry and cry.. 

I cant believe shes gone, My second mother and shes dead.

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