The new kid at school

Erica is back to school after a good enough summer, She wants to see her friends but the learning part is what puts her off, She finds a new kid who she learned his name was Louis Tomlinson crying outside, She comforts him and a beautiful friendship blossoms, Could it turn into more than just friendship?.. Louis is the only one erica can turn to when her Mother like maid falls poorly and she's forced to call an ambulance, The next couple of weeks in Erica's life are going to be a rollercoaster...


2. Are you ok?

Ericas POV

I get off the bus and the cold air freezes me, I look up at the school and its the exact way it was when i left it three months ago.

Me and Jade make our way through the big brown door's and down to the way to the hall to where our year notice board is so we can see what or first lesson is.

After our first 3 lessons i was on my way to art and the new boy passed me i looked at him and he was near ready to cry, he walked out the exit door but nobody noticed only me.

''Jade, What's the new kids name?'' i asked curiously

''Ahm Louis Tomlinson i think i'm not sure'' She says not paying any attention to me whatsoever while texting jackass jack. If you haven't already noticed i don't like him, He's an asshole to jade and fights with her everyday, Hes 5 years older than her so he thinks he owns her. It really pisses me off.

''Oh, Hey Rosie just text me i have to meet her outside i'll see you in art'' I said lying.

I turned around and walked out the exit door to follow the boy who's name i now no is Louis. The minute he go tout the door he must of disappeared in to tin air cause i couldn't see him any where, I heard low crying noises from around the corner so i followed them.

''Excuse me?'' i said to him

''What!?'' He said angrily not even looking at me ''If your hear to slag me off again you can just fuck off''

''Relax, I saw you walking out and i just wanted to see if your ok'' I said kneeling down beside him putting my hand on his shoulder.

He looks up with his tear filled eyes and smiles.

''Thank you''

''Its no trouble at all, So you gonna tell me why you're crying then?''

''Its just these assholes in my class, Mckenzie and Adrian are there names, they were all so friendly today and i told them about my mum and dad divorce and there now slagging me off calling me a softie over it'' His eyes starting to water again.

Oh Aaron Mckenzie the first boy i ever loved. the boy who got my virginity and slept with another girl the same night, He's the player in our school, He thinks he's gods gift but in reality he's gods worst nightmare. He's such a douche

''Hey thats just Mckenzie for you, He''s always been a bully but its something people learn to life with. You just gotta turn the other cheek and pretend hes not even there'' I say trying to reassure him.

''You no you've actually made me feel ten times better'' A smile starting to form on his face

''I'm Erica by the way'' I say giving a friendly smile while sticking out my hand

''Louis, Louis tomlinson'' He says with a firm grip on my hand staring me in the eyes, It felt like he was staring in my soul, causing shivers to go up my spine and make me jump.

''You ok?''He said starting to laugh.

''Ya just cold thats all''

''Let's head inside then''

When walked back inside and didn't even bother going to class, Instead we just walked around the corridors getting to know each other, We even swapped phone numbers. But there's something about this boy that makes me feel so weird around him, Not a bad weird a good weird. Its like i can be myself, That i don't have to worry about looking stupid or something like that.

~That evening~

I got off the bus and had a cigarette as i walked up the lane of my house, Once i got in i ate my dinner and went straight up stairs for a shower, I got out feeling so much fresher and i checked my phone to see if i had any massages, I name that i didn't think id be seeing on my phone was actually there, It was him, The boy that made me feel like i could be me, I clicked in to the message.

Message from: Louis!:)

Hey! How are you? Just wanted to say thanks again for today and for having such a kind heart, It meant alot x

Message to: Louis!:)

Hello :) Im good thanks u? Louis it was no trouble at all, im just glad i made u feel a bit better i would hate u being so upset on ur first day !xo

I sent the message and finished getting dry, He see's me as a friend and i see him as more, I don't think things could get any more confusing and its only the first day back.

I got into my pajamas then started on my homework, I was at it at least 2 and a half hours then i put away my books and got into bed. I set my alarm on my phone for tomorrow morning and put it under my pillow, I then started thinking about him and pretty much taught of him till i was fast asleep.




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