Louis' Daughter

This is MY story. The story how I became Max Tomlinson, the amazing daughter of Louis Tomlinson ;)
Shall we say, it is somehow interesting?

"Dad!" I exclaimed and stood up running to him.
"Hey there Max!" Louis said hugging me. "I heard you want to spend some alone time with me."
"Yes." I smiled. "What else did you hear?"
"Everything." Louis half smiled. "Shall we?"


5. First Day



Don't you hate the first day of school? That day in which you know no-one and you have to get used to the rules? 


I do hate first days, especially when you are going to a Musical Prodigy School, as the daughter of Louis Tomlinson. I was hating the fact that One Direction had adopted me. Believe when I say it is really awesome, yeah, but then people start becoming your 'friends' just because your father is famous. And to add another problem, I'm American... people tend to hate that.


"MAX!" Louis shouted. "YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" 



I let out a sigh and grabbed my backpack and made my way to the lobby and meet with the rest of the guys. I gave the guys a halfway smile and walked out to the car. 


"Aren't you excited to start school?" Niall asked.

"No." I replied. "I hate first days."

"Oh!" Harry exclaimed. "I think we all hate that."

"Yep." Liam added.

"Don't worry Max." Louis said patting my head. "It's going to be fine."

"I hope." I replied rolling my eyes.

"Call any of us when school is over so that we go and pick you up." Louis said.

"Cracker Nackers." I said.

"Still don't get why you say  that." Louis said.

"Leave her alone Louis." Zayn said and I smiled at him.


The car ride was full of jokes and laughter. This boys did want to make my life easier, and so far I lived them as the family I've always wanted. When we finally arrived to the school, each one of them gave me a hug before letting me go. 


"Behave." Louis said. "I don't want the Principle to be calling me and telling me that my daughter got into a fight."

"Please Louis." I said rolling my eyes. "Me? Getting into a fight?"

"Who knows?" Louis shrugged. 


I laughed and got out of the car and made my way to the school entrance. I made my way through the bunch of teenagers who were talking and whispering as I went through them. Once I was inside school I made my way to the front desk.


"Hello." The lady from the desk said.

"Hi." I replied. "I'm Maximun Tomlinson." 

"Oh you're the new American student." The lady said and I nodded. "Here is your schedule."

"Thanks." I replied and a guy entered the office.

"Ms. Linley." The guy said. "They told me to present myself here today."

"That is right Mike." The lady, Ms. Linley said. "This is Max." She added pointing at me. "Our new student. It is your job to introduce her this week. You are in the same classes."

"Mike." The boy said stretching his hand. 

"Max." I replied shaking it. 

"Shall we?"


The first day didn't turn out so bad. This Mike dude, helped me a lot, and was actually the only person who didn't really care that my last name was Tomlinson. We became really good friends. Or that is what I thought.


"You're a nice dude." I said to Mike as we walked out of our last class.

Mike chuckled. "You are a really nice lady."

"Thanks for helping out today." I smiled.

"Not a problem Max." Mike replied. "How are you getting home?"

"I have to call one of the guys." I replied. "I already texted them, but them seem to ignore me."

"Wanna grab a smoothie?" Mike asked. "I could drop you off later."

"Sure." I replied. "I don't think anyone would mind."




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