Louis' Daughter

This is MY story. The story how I became Max Tomlinson, the amazing daughter of Louis Tomlinson ;)
Shall we say, it is somehow interesting?

"Dad!" I exclaimed and stood up running to him.
"Hey there Max!" Louis said hugging me. "I heard you want to spend some alone time with me."
"Yes." I smiled. "What else did you hear?"
"Everything." Louis half smiled. "Shall we?"


8. Beach Day


"WAKE UP TOMLINSON!" Niall shouted as he barged into my room. 

"What is wrong with you?" I asked sitting up my bed and rubbing my eyes.

"We are headed to the beach!" Niall shouted. "And you can bring your friend, whom by the way is really awesome, Mike."

"Ok." I said getting out of bed. "I'm going to call him, and ask him." 

"Meet us downstairs!" Niall shouted as he left my room.


I rolled my eyes at his back and walked over to the bathroom with my phone in hand.


To: Mike :P

Goofy! Morning sleepy head! We are heading to the beach :O Wanna join?

From: Mike :P

Goofers! Totally! Where do I meet you? :D

To: Mike :P

Meet me at my place, say in 20?

From: Mike :P

Sure! :*


I left my phone on the counter and got ready to get ready... (Leave the weird me alone please...)

 Whilst I was getting ready I started singing Ed Sheeran's The A Team...



*Louis' P.O.V.*


We were all preparing for the beach day with Max and the girls. I was extremely happy, that Max was adjusting to her life, and that she actually enjoyed it. She got along with all the boys, and the girlfriends, and everybody loved her. 


I walked up to her room to see if she was ready, when I heard her singing. Her voice is just like an angel. I was certainty going to take her to Simon, so that he can hear how amazing she is.


"Max?" I asked knocking on her door.

"Open!" Max shouted.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"I am." Max replied with a smile. "I'm just waiting for Mike to show up."

"You invited Mike?" I asked.

"Is that bad?" Max asked.

"No!" I exclaimed. "I love that kid! He is so much fun!"


Max smiled and hugged me. The last couple of days with her had made me realize that I'm never going to let her go.


"I think he is here." I said kissing her head, whilst the boys made noises downstairs.

"Race to the bottom?" Max asked and I nodded.


Max sprinted out the door to the first floor. Damn she was fast, because even though I started two seconds later she beat me by a lot. When I got to the front door, Max was laughing on the floor next to Mike. Everyone in the room was laughing and I simply couldn't have enough of this girl in my life.


"Everyone ready?" I asked.

"Crackers nackers!" Max shouted as she stood up with the help of Mike.

"LET'S GO!" Zayn shouted and we all ran to the van.





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