Louis' Daughter

This is MY story. The story how I became Max Tomlinson, the amazing daughter of Louis Tomlinson ;)
Shall we say, it is somehow interesting?

"Dad!" I exclaimed and stood up running to him.
"Hey there Max!" Louis said hugging me. "I heard you want to spend some alone time with me."
"Yes." I smiled. "What else did you hear?"
"Everything." Louis half smiled. "Shall we?"


27. Back To School




"I hate you all." I said as I walked to the car with all the boys following behind.

"You have to go back Max." Liam said. "You can't just leave."

"I did that for three months!" I whined. "Why can't I stay being homeschooled?"

"No." Louis said. "You are going to school. End of  discussion."


I rolled my eyes and sat down waiting for the driver to take me away to hell. For exactly three months I had been away, and in those three months, a lot happened. I managed to be on a higher grade, my boyfriend cheated on me, and I became a pop sensation over the internet. 


I took out my phone and started messing around, I decided to check my email, when an awesome idea occurred to me. I could ask Simon to become homeschooled. That way, I could work more in the music business if he wanted me to be part of that. A smile spread on my face, and the driver told me we had arrived. 


I got out of the car and entered the building. As soon as I stepped inside the building, everyone turned to face me and started whispering. I rolled my eyes but kept walking to my locker, yeah yeah keep talking about me losers. 


"Maximun Tomlinson." Eddie, a senior said stepping to my side.

"Eddie whatever your last name is." I replied closing my locker. 

"You are back." Eddie smiled.

"And the day has 24 hours." I replied. 

"Excuse me?" Eddie asked clearly confused.

"I thought we were stating the obvious." I replied. "Do you need help in anything?"

"No." Eddie replied. "Well yes."


"We have a music project, and you are now in my music class, so I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner." Eddie said with a hopeful face.

"Sure." I smiled. "If you excuse me, I have to meet with the principle so I can get my new schedule."

"I'll meet you in class." Eddie said and left.


I shook my head and saw Mike staring at me and Eddie. We locked views for a few seconds before Melanie suck his face and glare at me. I rolled my eyes and walked to the office to get my new schedule, once I had it I walked over to class.



Break. Thank the Lord for it. I really needed the break. This thing about being a senior, is just plain stupid! I don't care if I am intelligent or not, I should be in the year I am supposed to be, not one ahead, and to make my life worst, everyone in senior year (boys only) are always trying to help me carry my stuff, tutor me in classes, and such. Stupid as fuck.


But maybe, just maybe, I can make the best of it. *Insert master evil pan face here* 


Hell, I'm gonna make Mike regret not fighting for me.

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