Harry in the closet

Harry in the closet is based on a book called Indian in the cupboard when a girl put her
Harry styles card board cut out in her closet Well thats we're the magic happens


3. Is it real

We put the card bord cut out in the closet and count to 3 then we opens it it worked I yelled he kinda looked freaked out thow 

~Harry POV~

were am I all of a sudden I turn around to see 3 beautiful girls but there was 1 girl that cort my eye she had brown eys and long red hair she was wearing a white pep-plum drees and she Han red wedges on she looked HOT hi I said hi she said back do you wan any thing she said again umm just some water would be nice love ok be right back 


i came back up with Harry water to see the girls had told him what happend so the girls said then suddenly Sarah ran off and about 2 minutes later she came back with some sort of drink and 4 shot glasses Harry just looked at us and said are even aloud to drink yea I said its my 18th today and there already 18 ohh is all Harry said so we all had our shots I went over to my stero and Harry followed I turned the music right up and started to dance then Mary-kait suggested we go to a club so we all agreed and started to get ready I was wearing a black mine skirt and black and white poko doted strapless shirt and I wore a pair of navy blue wedges I walked out of the bathroom I curled my hair and went down stairs 



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