Harry in the closet

Harry in the closet is based on a book called Indian in the cupboard when a girl put her
Harry styles card board cut out in her closet Well thats we're the magic happens



I walked down stairs were the girls and Harry was.mary-kait and Sarah were watching tv and Harry was on his phone.once I got down I asked every body if they had every thing then all of a sudden Harry said umm I kinda don't have my wallet so no ID.oh is all I could say then Sarah said Taylor why couldn't you have a party at your house its only 6:30.yeah that be cool then Mary-kait said Ill send every body a text to say to come. Kk then she sent it to every body then after about 20 minutes there was a lot of people here. Then all of a sudden somebody took my hand and pulled me into the kitchen I tuned around to see Harry .


        ~HARRY POV~

Umm Taylor just wanted you to know that someone just vomited in your fish tank and in the pool I think you should tell every body to leave. Umm ok is all the said then every body started to leave then all of a sudden she slipped face first into the tiles I ran over to her and picked her up then suddenly I was pushed by someone and I fell back the person who pushed me said back off she's mine.then Taylor got up and ran over to me and asked if I was ok and tried to help me up after I got up she walked over to the guy who pushed me before.


          ~TAYLOR'S POV~

what the f**k Nathan like what the hell don't push him just because I tuned you down doesn't give you a right to be an a****** then all of a sudden he slapped me next thing I herd was Harry run over and punched him in the the head and yell out don't ever hit a girl then every thing went black   


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