Harry in the closet

Harry in the closet is based on a book called Indian in the cupboard when a girl put her
Harry styles card board cut out in her closet Well thats we're the magic happens


1. On the phone

Mary-kait: so u mean you can turn any thing you want into real life 

me: yep 

mary-kait: how did u find out 

me: we'll I heard my mum talk to my grandma about it she was saying stuff like shoud we tell her do u think she will find out and guess what I did 

mary-kait: omg 

me: you want to come over so we can test this ting out 

mary-kait: YES

me: awesome 

mary-kait: see u in 10

me: k cool 

mary-kait: bye 

me: bye 

Then hung up the phon so I ran down stairs to clean up my family was out camping but I didn't go because I was sick we'll sick of camping that is but they just left so that's good now I game the all the house to myselfe there gone for 4 days .

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