Pretty Brown Eyes

All Avia wants to do is go to a Taylor Swift concert, what happens next?


2. Tickets

Avis's P.O.V

Is this really happening?! My dad is buying me tickets to go to a Taylor Swift concert! AHH!! I'm so excited! "Here are your tickets sweetie!", my dad said as I jumped. He scared me. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" I screamed as I ran up and hugged him. I realized he got 2 tickets, sweet! I can bring my best friend Mya! Excitement rushed through me as my dad gave me the tickets. OMG! I'm actually going to a concert! YES! I looked at my tickets and the smile fell off my face. One Direction? "Dad!", I yelled as I walked down my hallway. "Whats wrong Avia?", he replied. "Dad you bought me tickets to see One Direction not Taylor Swift!", I told him almost crying. Ugh. "I'm so sorry Avia,", he said as he walked up to me, "but there are no refunds, I'm really sorry. Ill buy you Taylor Swift tickets in a few months." "Alright.", I muttered. I had to forgive him, he is my dad. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does for me. I still wanted to ask Mya if she wanted to come with me. 

To: Mya :) xx

Hey Mya! Want to go to a One Direction concert with me? It's in 5 days. Surprised that its not sold out lol. xx


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