Pretty Brown Eyes

All Avia wants to do is go to a Taylor Swift concert, what happens next?


3. Concert

From: Mya :) xx

Sure! Can you come over? I need you to help me find what to wear! xx

I told my dad I was leaving and went to my car. I turned on the radio and Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran comes on. I still wish I got to go to that concert. Fuck! I pulled into Mya's driveway and she greeted me at the door. "Hey doll", she said excitedly. She is obsessed with One Direction. I'm trying to imagine what it was like for her to get that text from me, she must have freaked out! "Hey.", I reply. I walked inside her house and walked up the stairs into her room. She showed me a couple outfits, and we wanted to dress a little bit nicely because we are in the front row and the boys are going to see us. Mya also let me borrow an outfit because my wardrobe is all loose t-shirts and sweatpants. I'm so fancy, yeah, fancy. I  picked out a mint green ruffle top with lace, dark wash skinny jeans, and mint green converse. Mya picked out a white crop top that says 'Hipsta Please', a regular pair of skinny jeans, and red vans.

*5 days later*

Wow. My outfit is perfect. I did little makeup and curled my hair and put in a mint green clip-in bow. Mya's hair is cured too, and the red in her outfit made her blonde hair and blue eyes stand out. We both looked great. Before we knew it, we were on our way and Mya starts breathing heavily. "Are you alright?", I ask. "Yeah I'm just SO excited!", she screamed in my ear. "Stop screaming Mya! I don't want to go deaf before the concert!", I said jokingly. Mya laughed and we didn't notice that we were there. There were so many crazed fans there. And it was, well, you know, crazy. Some band performed before One Direction came out. Mya was screaming and so was I, I mean they are even cuter in person. The boys were singing "Kiss You". I sang along while the boys came down to the space in between the stage and the front row. Liam looked right into my eyes. I melted inside and almost passed out. Liam is my favorite! And he looked at me!!!111!!!! I put my hand in front of my mouth to stop myself from screaming while tears are streaming down my face. And they all ended off the song my talking 5 girls' hands, including Mya and I's, and kissed our hands. Liam kissed mine and Niall kissed Mya's. We both stood there crying while Liam Payne, THE Liam Payne, winked at me. OMG. I knew that Mya was freaking out too because Niall was her favorite and she knew how much I liked Liam, Not as much as Taylor Swift though. It felt like 10 minutes that it was going on after that then it ended. Ugh. I didn't want it to end. Oh well. We walked out and all of the sudden I take a hit to the shoulder and fall to the ground.


A-N~ Thanks for reading! It's like 11:30 P.M. and I'm tired. Well if you like this story leave some comments and let me know your opinion! But I don't want to read any bad opinions though. :( Alright...just leave comments! 

- Ella xoxo

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