7th of May

Potentia has just moved. She now lives all alone for the first time. She wants to escape the everyday-life, and just be by herself. Caspian is trying to win her heart, but her past is filled with struggles. Will she ever be able to trust again?

We read the diaries of the broken Potentia and the passionate Caspian.


3. Open your eyes - Potentia

20th of May

The last couple of weeks have been wonderful. It all started when I went for a walk. I followed a path made of grey stones. Surprisingly, it took me to my special place. The place where the trees meet and decide to form a circle. I found it very odd that I hadn’t seen this path before. I stood in the circle covered with the shadows of the leaves in the treetops. They still made that perfect pattern on the ground. I will forever remember this place. I come here sometimes when I go for a walk. As I stood and admired the pattern, I saw something I hadn’t seen before; flowers. The most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. There were purple, orange, red, yellow and white ones. There were lots of them! Why hadn’t I noticed that before? Then I thought of all the vases I have. Maybe I could take some of the flowers and put them in my vases? I decided to do it. A few meters away, there was a rosebush. It was filled with roses but also thorns, so I decided not to pick any. The flowers smelled amazing. Almost like some sort of perfume. It was strong but not too strong, and sweet but not too sweet. The peddles were beautiful and soft. I picked a lot of the flowers and went home. I actually only took the red ones. As soon as I went home, I put them in the vases. A few of the vases in the dining room and a few of the vases on the table near the fireplace. They made the house look much warmer. It gave me some kind of comfort. I have always liked flowers. They have always been an interest of mine. I was sure I would definitely go back and find some more of those flowers. I don’t remember how long after, maybe it was the same day, but I went to get flowers and heard a noise. I stopped and looked around. It sounded like some sort of bird. I looked down and saw this charming little chicken. It had a strong yellow color and an adorable orange beak. I couldn’t understand where the little sweetie came from, because there was no one people or houses nearby. Where did the chicken live, and why did it walk all the way into the forest? I wouldn’t leave the poor baby all alone, but I couldn’t take it home because I know nothing about chickens. I wouldn’t know what to feed it with, and I wouldn’t know where it would sleep. I simply wouldn’t know how to take care of it, so I had no choice, and I had to leave it. I still feel incredibly bad for leaving the poor chicken. I hope it’s somewhere safe now.


21st of May

I can’t stop wondering where the chicken came from. There must be someone else living in this forest. Somewhere. I just don’t know where.

I think I will go for a walk today. Maybe get some more flowers. The ones I have really made the house look pretty. They have changed the smell. Now it’s pine trees, lemon tee and flowers. I still have lots of vases to put flowers in, even though I’ve went to the circle to get flowers lots of times now. I have all the colors of flowers now. More and more new colors of flowers grew in the circle. I’m just getting as many as I can hold.

It’s raining again. It’s sure is nice to look at, when you’re sitting in the living room, covered with blankets, but when you go outside, the rain isn’t that nice anymore. I just need some more flowers. I can’t help it, I just need them. It’s like when you see the crazy, old cat ladies who have lots of cats. They just need them. And that’s how I feel about flowers. Am I obsessed? I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t want to admit it. I need to get more of those flowers.


25th of May

Lying in bed, relaxing all day; that’s life. I can’t stop looking at the guitar. I haven’t played in a while now. Those damn flowers are taking all my energy.

It has finally stopped raining. I can hear the birds again. I wonder what they’re saying. Are they talking to me? Maybe they know something I don’t. It’s incredible to think how much the bird experiences every day. Flying around in the sky and having a wonderful view. It’s like they can do what they want. There’s a blackbird sitting on a branch outside the window. I wonder what it will do if I let it in. Maybe it would enjoy listening to some music if I open the window.

I have just opened the window. I did it slowly so it wouldn’t scare the little bird away. I’ve grabbed my guitar and I’m ready to begin. I hope the bird likes this.

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