9 Minutes After

The year is 2033. 9 years ago, NASA discovered an asteroid hurtling towards the sun. Its big enough to cause it to explode. NASA is sending people off Earth to keep people safe.


1. 4 days

"The asteroid continues to hurtle toward the Sun at an alarming pace. Only 3 or 4 day-" Mom shuts off the TV and hands me a box of cereal. I set it back down on the counter, suddenly feeling sick to my stomach.
"Honey, don't worry. We will be able to leave before it happens," Her voice cracks and she wipes her eyes. She looks like she's reassuring herself more than me. "We are only waitlisted for the rockets." I glance up at the calendar on the olive green wall. Monday. Mom sits down on the tile floor, crying silently, and staring off into space. I decide that its better not to disturb her, and head up the stairs to my bedroom. I open the door and start feeling nostalgic. My entire life is in this room, but I wont be alive much longer. The blue, paint chipped walls are covered in photos of my life. Sports games, friends, and a single picture if my parents together. I stare at myself in the full length mirror for a while. My auburn hair is a tangled mess from sleeping, and my green eyes are cloudy and dark, as if a storm was forming. I can't believe that I, Melody, am going to die at only seventeen years old. The giant asteroid has been shooting towards the sun for a week now, big enough to destroy it. Once it was destroyed, we would only have nine minutes before we were all dead. NASA began lotterying people to leave on their space shuttles. Mom tried to get us a spot, we were waitlisted, and now we have a greater chance of dieing than cancer patients. I flop down on my blue bedspread and bury my face in my favorite bear, Polka. I wish Dad was here. He would find away to get us off Earth, and he worked for NASA, which meant he would have priority over others. But he was off at the international space station, trying to stop the asteriod, where he's been for years. The last time I saw him was my 8th birthday. We were finishing the last of the cake when he received the call. It was work, talking about some asteroid that was only nine short years away from the Sun. It seemed insignifigant at the time, but if he was here now...The entire world is in panic. School is closed, and so are all businesses. Mom and I have suffered a week of eating stale food from the pantry. Only a few have gotten on the space shuttles, leaving the rest of us to die. 
But then, about 12 days ago, we recieved a letter adressed to Mom. It looked really official, with her name typed out. It was from NASA. Dad was gone, and so was the rest of the crew at the International Space Station. When Mom read the letter, she grabbed a vase of flowers off the table and smashed them on the floor, crying. I didn't cry, I just stood there, watching Mom sob. It felt like my heart had been smashed to pieces, just like the vase. But I still didn't cry. I had to be the strong one, for Dad. I didn't start to cry untill later, after the house was dark and Mom was asleep on the couch, wearing Dad's favorite hoodie. I scaled the big tree in our small backyard and sat on the fattest branch, gazing up into the stars. Dad was up there somewhere, just more mass in space. At least his soul was. 

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