I have been this way for as long as I can rember. Cold,evil and A craving for blood. I'm '17' but in reality I'm 128 years old. I'm all alone in this. I'm the only one I know is like me. But one day I meet the new kid:Harry. He is a brat,wanna be and does not shut up about his stupied band "One Direction"! I don't care if he's only 16 and…sorta cute…green eyes…curly hair… WAIT NO WHAT AM I DOING?? I can't like him! Focuses…focuses…


1. Harry

I woke up right away. I started to get ready for school. I put skinny jeans,convers(plain black) and a normal tee shirt. I ran out the window and started running to the school when I was have way there i stared walking. The smell was getting to me but I've never smelled this before…I walked over to the smell when it led me to a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. He was flirting with some girls and that's when he saw me. He walked over and said: "I'm Harry nice to meet you!" He held out his hand I heisted to take it becuase of how cold my body was. But I did take it. "Woah! Your and is realy cold!" He said j quickly tugged my arm away. 

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