I have been this way for as long as I can rember. Cold,evil and A craving for blood. I'm '17' but in reality I'm 128 years old. I'm all alone in this. I'm the only one I know is like me. But one day I meet the new kid:Harry. He is a brat,wanna be and does not shut up about his stupied band "One Direction"! I don't care if he's only 16 and…sorta cute…green eyes…curly hair… WAIT NO WHAT AM I DOING?? I can't like him! Focuses…focuses…


5. Ashely

I was walking to class when I saw a girl with white eyes. I walked over to her and said "Are you ashely?" "Ya…who are you?" She asked "I'm Abby! Ur the new bee!" I said. finally I've hoping for a new vampire at this school! "Ya! I've been looking for u!" Ashely said "did u get any powers yet?" I asked "No I don't thi-" she stoped and she sniffed the air. "Do you smell that?" She asked I sniffed and then I new. "Oh that's the new kid Harry." I said "come on." I grabbed her arm dragging her out to the forest. "Man we got to work on ur hunger!" I said holding her back she started to come down. "Come on let's find you a deer" I said. We keeped running when ash stoped. She must of found something she turned around and ran to the anamail she found. I herd screaming so I ran to where ash went. I saw her bit wing a deer(thank god!) but there was a women who was screaming. When she finished she helped me come the girl down

Carrys P.O.V

"come down!" "Relax…" I heard two girls trying to come me down but how can I? I just saw a teenage girl eat a deer! She roped the head off! "What should we do?" The girl with white eyes asked "I don't know…should we eat her?i mean she might tell someone." The one with red eyes said "Pelase…don't…" I said "shhhh… don't worry. It will be fast. You with not feel a thing…" I felt teeth skink in my arm. The pain was unbare able… It was soon over with. I felt…lighter I lost color in my eyes. "I can't see an-" I was cut off my the girl with white eyes "Don't worry the same thing happens to me. You'll get your eye color back in a copual hours. Good luck." And just like that the ran off leavein me alone.

Ashleys P.O.V

I did my best to not bite harry…but this stent…you think u can tame yourself but trust me you can't. "Hey ashely are u ok?" Harry asked "shut up curly!" I yelled at him. That's it's I can't do this anymore

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