Hitman: Enemy Of Truth

With the warm water running down his bald head, someone was knocking on the door. 47 grabbed the robe the room offered, took his gun and hid it behind his back. As he opened the door slightly, a woman was standing outside, he didn't recognize her at first. "47, I don't know if it is too much to ask for, but I need your help." The woman said with a voice he recognized at once.

A Fanfiction based on real people combined with the world of The Hitman games and books.


5. Strong Enemies

Unknown date, Romania

“47! Push him harder, come on!” Lazlow yelled.

47 had always fantasized about killing him in The Ring, 47’s most feared place. Here, he would usually be beat up, because he was not physically strong enough to be able to catch up with his brothers. But when coming to the psychological, 47 knew he was superior, without doubt. And both Dr. Ort-Meyer and Lazlow knew.
6 could take a lot of punches without showing any signs of pain. Ahead of the fight, 47 had already given up. He knew that 6 would beat him up, as he always did.

“Take that!” 6 yelled, with a smear grin on his face, as he sent a series of hits to 47’s face, and finishing off with a kick in solar plexus.

47 crumbled in pain on the floor of The Ring. He hoped that Lazlow would stop the fight now, but he didn’t.


Monday 4th October 2010 5:56, Italy

47 woke up, happy that it was just a dream. 47 had learned from his time at the Asylum, that it was best to wake up some time before the “Wakers” came to wake him and his brothers. The “Wakers” always brought the “Waking Stick” with them, which meant electric shock to everyone who still slept.

 He checked the apartment for infiltrators, happy that there were none. 47 did his morning exercises and went for a shower.

As 47 had finished showering he went in front of the mirror to shave. The shaving foam felt nice and cool to his skin. He took the blade and started shaving. After many years of shaving, he never cut his chin anymore. As he was applying aftershave someone was knocking the door. Carefully he went to the door and looked through the peephole, but all he saw was an eye.

“Hey! 47! I see you!” Smith grinned.

Will that man never become mature? 47 thought as he opened the door.

“Hey man, did I wake you?”


47 went to the bedroom to wear clothes. He felt like wearing his suit and tie. He had to go to Alexandre’s that day. After the meet-up with Mr. 48, he did not want to take any risks.

“Smith, a plane will go to Illinois later today, here’s a ticket. Go find Diana and tell her what you know about the kidnapping of Victoria. I’ll stay in Europe.”

Smith looked into the envelope 47 had just handed him. It contained the ticket and some money.

“Thanks 47!” He smiled. 47 had always felt annoyed about Smith. If 47 had had another life, they could’ve been friends. But 47 didn’t live another life, and getting friends was dangerous in his business.

“Don’t mention it.”

“47, should we go get some breakfast?” Smith asked as 47 exited the apartment.




They sat in silence, eating, as 47’s phone rang.

“Yes?” He said.

“47, thank you for sending Carlton here, I really need his help here… But where are you going then?” Diana said slowly.

“I think I’ll go… Somewhere up north.”

47 hung up and took a sip of coffee. Smith had to go to the airport soon, and as soon as 47 and Smith were separated, he’d go visit Alexandre. The less who knew about the deal the two of them had, the better.


Monday 4th October 2010, Unknown Location

Victoria could hear two men talk as she became more conscious after having been knocked out. She had a tremendous headache, and she soon realized what was going on.

“What is it that is so special about her? She looks like an ordinary girl to me?” The first man said.

“Look closely at her DNA, it is unique!”

“But what is it with that necklace she’s wearing? I don’t understand…”

“It’s an unstable, radioactive core, which has to be near her all the time; else she’ll become very weak.”

“You should’ve been the scientist here…”

“No, I simply just did my research… Which you apparently haven’t even thought of…”

“But… Who created her?”

“Benjamin Travis was part of the project.”


Victoria could feel that her wrists and ankles were tied to the half-bed-half-chair she was put in. She could not escape though, they had taken her isotope. She was vulnerable.


Monday 4th October 2010 11:46, Italy

The pavement was filled with people as 47 entered Alexandre’s little store in the southern part of Venice. 47 looked around the store for a few minutes, until Alexandre had helped a German customer.

“Ah, Mr. 47! I am glad to see you! What brings you to Italy?” he said with his arms opened wide in a friendly gesture.

“I’m just on vacation, but unfortunately you can never know when you need a gun!” He answered with a fake smile on his face.

“Ah, I see… I see… Come with me!”

47 went behind the counter, following Alexandre into the back of the store. Here, there was a sealed door with a code, which only 47 knew what was. 

As the door opened Alexandre followed 47 into the room. It was well lit, but the room was shallow. To both sides there were shelves with Kevlar vests and clips for various guns, and in the back there was a big wall with weapons. The variation was big. From a Dragunov sniper hanging to the far left side, to some chloroform and a ballistic knife to the far right.

“I think I’ll just go with two Silverballers and a Glock. And remember the silencers for the Silverballers.” 47 said as he took the chosen weapons.

“Ah, si… A moment please!” Alexandre said as he disappeared into the special equipments department of the room. He came back a couple minutes later with the silencers.

“Thank you.” 47 said as they went back into the main store again. 47 hid the Silverballers under his jacket, and he put the Glock into the bag he had carried with him.

“Could I do anything else for you this time sir?”

“Yes. Do you have a map of Europe?”


Monday 4th October 2010 16:32, USA

Diana was sitting in the living room with a book in her hands as it was knocking on the door. If she was right, it should be Carlton Smith who arrived.

“Moment!” she said as she closed the book and went out into the main entrance. She found the key from her pocket and unlocked the door.

“Diana! You don’t look a day older!” Smith said with a big smile on his face.

“You certainly don’t either!” Diana lied. Actually, smith looked a lot older. He had visible scars in his face after the many times he had been held hostage, and his nose was crooked after the many times it had been broken, the first time being in St. Petersbourg, back in 2002.

Diana moved from the door so that Smith could enter the mansion. He didn’t have much luggage. He actually only brought a gymbag with a little clothes.

“Are you hungry Smith?” Diana asked.

“Not really, but I could certainly use a nice warm cup of coffee, and I think you need to sit down when I tell you what Mr. Nu had told both me and 47…”

Diana was feeling insecure. She felt like Victoria was her own child. She wanted to take care of her, and she still felt horribly guilty for leaving her alone in the mall.

They sat down in the kitchen while the coffee was being brewed.

“Well, what is it?” Diana asked, and immediately regretted.

“You see… After Benjamin Travis was killed by 47 about a year back… He had a very powerful friend, and he was part of the plan with creating Victoria…”

“So people outside The Agency actually knew?”

“Yes… But not just anyone…”

“Who is it then?”

“Let’s just say that he is a very powerful man within the UN…”

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