Hitman: Enemy Of Truth

With the warm water running down his bald head, someone was knocking on the door. 47 grabbed the robe the room offered, took his gun and hid it behind his back. As he opened the door slightly, a woman was standing outside, he didn't recognize her at first. "47, I don't know if it is too much to ask for, but I need your help." The woman said with a voice he recognized at once.

A Fanfiction based on real people combined with the world of The Hitman games and books.


4. Rescue

Sunday 3rd October 2010, Unknown Location

“Let me out! You sick bastards! I’ll kill you all!” She screamed as she hit and kicked the door. But it didn’t move at all.

Victoria crumbled up into the corner of the room and tried to examine it, but there were no lights on. She sat there, feeling so alone without Diana being around. Diana was like a mother to her; like a mother and her best friend, but knowing that she was made in a tube in a laboratory, that she was just a clone. She felt even more alone, knowing that she didn’t have any specific family members. Sometimes she wished she hadn’t been sent to Diana’s place in Illinois, so that she could be like her saviour, only known as Mr. 47. Cold hearted, with no specific relation to anyone. But as soon as you have learned to feel emotions, it would be too late. To Victoria, it was too late.


“Girl, you’ve gotten a visitor.” The guard at the door said.


Victoria kept her position as the door opened. The lights were sharp to her eyes, and all she could manage to see was a dark silhouette positioned in the door.


“Hello Victoria.”


“47, he’s gone…” Diana said with caution in her voice, and 47 knew. He kept paddling his way through the canal, staying on high alert, reacting to every single motion around him.

“47, he… He didn’t seem to act like the other 48s did… He acted differently, like he had his own free will… Do you think that because you killed Dr. Ort-Meyer, he has gained his own will…?”

47 nodded, well aware that she would see. As he kept going through the canal he saw some suspicious movement to the left. He turned his head carefully and saw that it was only pigeons picking the ground, searching for food.

He stopped at the port by Pallazzo Ducale, and went on, until he reached the pavement. There were a lot of people, plenty to blend into the crowd. 47 didn’t wear his signature clothing, so he should be fine. Instead, he wore a white Tommy Hilfiger polo, a pair of Levi’s jeans and some Armani sneakers. When it came to shoes, 47 always preferred Armani.

“47, he’s behind you!” Diana screamed into his headset, just in time so that 47 could avoid the punch from behind. 47 grabbed 48’s arm and twisted it, but he had forgotten, that the 48s didn’t feel pain like he did, or for that matter, his usual targets did. Instead, Mr. 48 made his usual grinning face.

47 wished he had gone to Alexandre’s earlier the same day. Then he would have had a better chance in this fight. This clone seemed to be much more developed than the last time he had faced them.

47 threw a punch for 48s gut, but without an effect. The people around them had started to disappear, some even running away, screaming.

48 was certainly designed to be in a better physical shape than 47 had, and his previous advantage had been his experience, but it didn’t seem like that counted anymore, since this Mr. 48 apparently had survived their last encounter.

“47, I don’t know if it is possible, but see if you can get him into the water, there’s a tourist boat on its way into the pier, see if you can get him into its engine.”

47 had no time to respond as 48 threw a punch at 47 which he could not dodge. As 47 crumbled together after the massive punch in solar plexus, he thought of a strategy to get 48 to the water. It was about 25 metres away. So he thought that if he threw punches at 48, forcing 48 to back up towards the water, he could have a chance.

As 47 had recovered he tried to fulfil his plan. Without luck. This did confirm the fact, that 48 was not like he used to be.

“47, someone is coming from behind 48… It looks like…”

“Smith?” 47 whispered in a confused tone.

47 kept 48’s attention for a brief moment, before Smith injected a strong sedative into his neck, and grabbing the falling body.

“Hi 47!” Smith said with a huge grin on his face.


Sunday 3rd October 2010 13:43 PM, Italy

“Smith, what are you doing here?” 47 asked.

Smith looked up from his spaghetti Bolognese, with the same grin as when he had saved him from the fight with 48, with the exception of the fact that he had some tomato sauce on his chin.

“You see, I was sitting in my small apartment in Hong Kong, you know, practising my Chinese, when I got a call from this guy from your agency… what’s his name… Wu?”

“Mr. Nu?” 47 asked curiously.

“Yes, that’s the name! He called me and told that you could need some help, with something he couldn’t tell on the phone. He had tracked your phone and told me that you were in Venice, so I came as soon as possible! And it seems like it was in the right time!” Smith laughed.

47 didn’t look at Smith, mainly because he was talking with food in his mouth and all over his face. 47 was happy that Smith had come in that moment, but he was also annoyed that he couldn’t get the chance to kill the clone himself. Instead, Smith took care of that.

“So, 47,” Smith said with a sudden serious tone in his voice, “what was it that this Mr. Nu couldn’t tell over the phone?”

47 leaned a little closer to Smith, even though he didn’t want to. Yes, he had saved Smith many times, but he didn’t feel like being close to him.

“You see, there’s this girl, named Victoria. She’s like me, a test-tube child. Made for one purpose: to kill. She was developed by a guy named Benjamin Travis who had taken over the power of The Agency.”

47 had caught Smith’s attention. But as usual, Smith was a little childish that he just sat up and grinned.

“So how old is this girl? I don’t hope she looks like you, that’d be terrible!” Smith laughed.

I’ll kill this man one day… 47 thought for himself.

“She’s 14.”

“Oh… Well, a little too young then!”


Sunday 3rd October 2010 18:00, USA

Diana sat in the kitchen of her mansion with a cup of tea by her hand, and of course, her phone. She was waiting for 47 to call her, to tell her about what Smith had wanted. The TV was powered on, showing BBC News.


Samantha Cameron, the wife of the now dead UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has now told her side of the story to the press. We’re lucky to have a recording on the interview.
“So, mrs. Cameron, what happened?”
“I remember that I kissed him goodnight, and I fell asleep immediately. I had had a long day, and I was really tired… The next thing I remember was waking up because someone was holding a hand in front of my mouth and nose, so I couldn’t breathe. At first I thought it was a dream, but then I felt this stinging feeling of a syringe to my neck, and then I passed out…”

Beep beep…

An unknown number was calling Diana’s phone. She hoped it was 47 who had finished her talk with Smith.

“This is Diana speaking?”

“Hello Diana. I have something you want, and you certainly have something I want. If you want Victoria back in a good condition, you only have to give me the current location of Mr. 47. You have 9 days, but for every hour you wait, terrible things will happen.”


The man speaking had hung up.

Dammit! Diana thought to herself. Victoria really had been kidnapped and she could not seek any help from the authorities.


Victoria, where ever you are in this terrible world, we will find you.


Sunday 3rd October 2010 18:00, Italy
47 enjoyed the relaxing feeling of the cold water rinsing his uneven skin. The many scars on his body showed signs of a long and rough life. He clearly remembered how he got most of them, but the most recent one, was from back at the farm where Skinner had shot into the camper with a shotgun, hitting 47’s arm.

He stared into the mirror, into the cold, blue eyes he owned. The last thing most of his targets had been the same face with lack of emotions. The face he had had when he shot Diana as she turned around to talk to him. 47 had never smiled because he had wanted to, but instead because it was part of a disguise; not even when he had dressed up as a clown when he infiltrated a CIA protected home to kill Vinnie Sinistra back in 2004.

47 went into the bedroom and laid down on the carpet, wearing a pair of boxers only, to do his evening exercises which consisted of 150 push-ups and doing 300 crunches.

47 had learned from the Asylum that it was only a benefit to sleep on the floor instead of the bed, because if an intruder would come during the night, he would go for the bed first. 

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